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Abeyance MTG


Released in the very popular Weatherlight set back in June of 1997, Abeyance is a white rare card that does have a small following with players. The cost is miniscule (only 2 mana) and it gives the player the ability to play an Instant that prevents another target player from playing instants, interrupts, sorceries, or abilities requiring an activation cost. 

It’s a great card that is worth having in white and multicolored decks, plus you get the extra bonus of drawing a card which is also nice. Although white is not the most popular Magic color, this card does have a place in many decks. 



Most ABEYANCE singles can be purchased in the $10-20 range, depending on condition.  Most Near Mint versions will tend to bring $15-20.

As of the writing of this post, there were approximately 40 active listings on eBay and 25 solds which is a pretty decent sell through rate. This tells me there are a consistent number of buyers for this particular card.

Abeyance MTG Weatherlight


This card has a somewhat low outlook and not much in the way of growth is expected over the next 3-5 years. Due to a decent supply on the market and knowing white is not a popular Magic color, I expect values to hover in the $20 range for quite some time.

If you can find them cheap (under $10) and in Near Mint condition, it’s worth stashing a few away for sure. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy a hundred copies looking for a big payday one day years from now. 

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