Alpha Investments Sells Out Sorcery TCG Beta Launch in 2-Minutes!

Brian Cooper  By Brian Cooper | Updated on January 9, 2024

Sorcery Contested Realm’s Beta Launch: A Record-Breaking Sale on Alpha Investments’ Patreon Channel

Last night, the trading card game community witnessed a historic event. The Beta Launch of the much-anticipated Trading Card Game, Sorcery Contested Realm, took place on the Alpha Investments’ Patreon channel.

Spearheaded by Rudy, the face behind Alpha Investments and popular YouTuber, the launch was nothing short of just about everything he does…SPECTACULAR!

But what’s the buzz all about? Sorcery Contested Realm is not just another trading card game, but rather it’s an experience. Set in a fantastical realm, players summon creatures, cast spells, and strategize to outwit their opponents, drawing inspiration from classic games like Magic: The Gathering.

Each faction, represented by elements like Air, Fire, Earth, and Water, has its unique set of cards and lore, making every game or match unique.

The game’s commitment to artistry is evident in its breathtaking card designs, collaborations with renowned artists, and exclusive promos that promise to be invaluable assets for collectors.

Rudy Sorcery Beta Promotional Launch

A Patreon Sale For The Record Books!

At precisely 9:00 pm ET, Rudy unveiled the Sorcery Beta Kits to his patrons, after months of anticipation leading up to this huge sale.

Within a mere two minutes, all 1,000 kits, priced at $669.69 each, were sold out. This lightning-fast sellout is possibly the quickest in the history of Rudy’s Patreon channel, underscoring the immense potential of the Sorcery game.

For those unfamiliar, Rudy is a prominent figure in the trading card game community. With a popular YouTube channel, he delves into discussions about various trading card games, including giants like Magic The Gathering, MetaZoo, Pokemon, and now, Sorcery. His insights and opinions are highly valued, making any product he endorses instantly sought after.

The Sorcery Beta Kit offered to patrons was a treasure trove. Every kit included:

Rudy shared his thoughts on the launch, stating, “The long-awaited Sorcery Beta Launch comes to the USA! This was a tough sale to launch due to behind-the-scenes work.

It will be a fascinating journey to see how the market handles and reacts to Sorcery Beta product in the USA.”

The highlight of the kit was undoubtedly the exclusive promo card, featuring the licensed artwork of the legendary Frank Frazetta.

These cards, exclusive to Rudy’s Patreon kit, were shipped graded with laser-engraved labels, exclusive markings, and logos. Notably, all promo cards included in Rudy’s kit were graded by Premier Card Grading (PCG) and all fell within the 8-9 grade range. Interestingly, no promo card received a perfect 10 grade.

Sorcery WitherWing Hero

Rudy’s Post Sorcery Launch Message To Patreons

The sale’s aftermath was equally noteworthy. Rudy addressed his patrons a few hours post-launch, acknowledging the overwhelming demand and the challenges it posed.

He also revealed plans for an EXCLUSIVE Alpha Investments Promo Card #2, set to launch in early 2024, which promises to be even more provocative than its predecessor.

Rudy’s message to his patrons was clear: stay the course. He emphasized the importance of patience and long-term vision, urging patrons not to make hasty decisions based on short-term emotions.

In conclusion, Rudy’s words encapsulate the essence of the trading card game community: “Business and life are supposed to be difficult… Always lean into the challenges and the impossible.

You will learn more from people who hate you than from your friends/family. Thanks for the continued support, the cardboard life is always unpredictable and exciting~!”

The Sorcery Contested Realm Beta Launch has set the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating journey in the world of trading card games.

Only time will tell how Sorcery will shape the future of the trading card industry. But one thing is for sure…..this Sorcery Beta Launch certainly proved that this game is here to stay!

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