What Are The Best MTG Card Sleeves In 2024?

Brian Cooper  By Brian Cooper | Updated on February 25, 2024

Best MTG Card Sleeves for 2024

Back in 1994, when Magic: The Gathering was just a game, I played without a thought for card protection. Little did I know these cards would one day be valuable collectibles.

Fast forward to 2024, and protecting our Magic cards has become essential. Card sleeves not only preserve your cards from wear and tear but they also reflect your style with various colors and designs.

In this guide, I’ll dive into the best Magic: The Gathering card sleeves for 2024, looking at everything from materials and durability to style and fit. And, after thorough testing and examination, I’ve narrowed down our top picks to make your choice easier. Let’s get to it!

MY TOP PICK: Dragon Shield Sleeves

Dragon Shield Jet Matte MTG Card Sleeves

You cannot go into any local game store without finding stacks of those very recognizable Dragon Shield card sleeves. And for good reason as they consistently get great reviews and high marks from both players and collectors.

I like everything about them from the way they feel to the exact fit for my Magic card collection. I use them for not only my playing card decks, but also for many of the cards in my collection that are worth $10 and under. 

Most of my expensive Magic cards are either graded or in top loaders, but the rest are protected by my Dragon Shields. They are in my opinion the premier card sleeves and why I have used them for so long.



A few things I read from people who purchased these sleeves that struck me were:

Best Cheap Card Sleeves

The sleeves below are less expensive, but after testing I think you will really like them.

#1: Fabmaker Black MTG Card Sleeves 200 Pack

Fabmaker Black Matte MTG Card Sleeves

These Fabmaker Black Card Sleeves are an excellent option for protecting and enhancing your MTG card collection.

As a MTG enthusiast, I can confidently say that Fabmaker’s Black Card Sleeves are perfect for both collectors and players.

The sleeves fit cards perfectly and provide a quality similar to Dragon Shield, which you know from reading above that I’m a huge fans of.

The Fabmaker sleeves come in various colors too so don’t limit yourself to just black. However, it is worth noting that the color options on Amazon are limited, so shop around and see what they have in stock if black is not your cup of tea. 



Some things I read from people who purchased these Fabmaker sleeves:

#2: HOMTHY Black Matte Finish Card Sleeves

Homthy 100 Count Matte Card Sleeves

These Homthy “Dragon Card Sleeves” are next on our list and come in a plain black matte finish. They are also highly rated by most buyers on Amazon.

With close to 1,800 ratings and 79% of them being 5-Star, that tells you a lot about what players and collectors think of Homthy’s sleeves. 

I like the matte finish on these sleeves and there’s something to be said about simplicity in your decks.

If you’re looking for a very well priced alternative to some of the big name brands above, these sleeves are definitely the ones I would consider.



Some things I read from people who purchased these Homthy sleeves:

#3: BCW 500 Count Deck Guard BLACK MATTE

BCW Deck Guard BLACK MATTE Card Sleeves

The last on our list of cheap / inexpensive card sleeves are the BCW 500 Count Deck Guards

Tailored to fit Magic or any other trading game cards, these sleeves are the armor your cards need and the style statement they deserve at a very cheap price!

They’re not top quality like our favorites (Dragon Shield), but man they do a great job at a much cheaper price. It’s the difference between $13 per 100 sleeves for the Dragon Shield as opposed to $5 per 100 for the BCW’s. It’s a big difference for sure.



Some things I read from people who purchased these BCW Matte Sleeves:

Best MTG Sleeves For Shuffling

Ultimate Guard Katana Sleeves

Ultimate Guard Katana Card Sleeves, 100 Standard Size TCG Sleeves

Made in Japan, the Katana Sleeves ensure your cards are encased in quality, offering perfect shuffling and handling from our experience.

I think if there were no Dragon Shield sleeves, the Katana’s might just be the new favorites. They feel great, fit Magic cards perfectly and I felt they protected the cards as well. 

They are expensive though so be prepared to spend a bit more than the others on this list.



Here are some things I read from people who purchased these Katana sleeves on Amazon. (And one thing to note: The Amazon community echoes our sentiment. With 88% of the over 3,000 ratings being 5-star, it’s evident that the Katana Sleeves have not just met but exceeded expectations.)

Best Sleeves for MTG Commander Decks

KMC Full Size Hyper Matte Sleeves

KMC Full Size Hyper Matte Card Sleeves

KMC Full Size Hyper Matte Sleeves have emerged as a strong contender on our list, offering many features that not only protect your Commander Deck, but enhance the overall gaming experience.

I tend to agree with some of the Amazon reviews that these sleeves are perfect for Commander Decks. With 100-card decks like you have with Commander, it’s nice to have these KMC sleeves that are not too expensive, handle well and don’t make the deck too bulky. 



Some things people wrote about these KMC sleeves included:

Best MTG Inner Sleeves

The brands below are two of the better INNER card sleeves that I tested and that I think that you will really like.

#1: TitanShield Inner Sleeve Protectors

TitanShield Inner Sleeve Protectors

Another great option for protecting your MTG cards are the TitanShield Inner Sleeve Protectors. These inner sleeves are used by many players as a method of double-protecting their MTG cards. 

Inner sleeves fit inside standard sleeves to protect cards from dirt and dust and can also help prevent water from seeping in from accidental spills.

The inner sleeves are a tighter fit, fitting perfectly around most standard sized trading cards. 

Once you have the inner sleeve on your card, you can then double-sleeve it into your favorite standard sleeve mentioned in our list above. Again, it’s a method of dual protection for your Magic cards.

By themselves they are not quite the Dragon Shields, but definitely a great option to enhance the protection of your trading cards. 



A few things I read from people who purchased these TitanShield card sleeves:

#2: KMC 100 Pochettes Card Barrier

KMC 100 Pochettes Card Barrier Perfect Size Soft Sleeves

KMC’s Card Barrier Perfect Size Soft Sleeves are a popular choice among Magic players and I liked them as well. 

Despite their thinness, which generally makes them unsuitable as standalone sleeves for gameplay, they are perfect for collectors who want to keep their cards in good condition. When paired with a more durable outer sleeve (like the Dragon Shields and Katana’s above), they offer a nice combination of visibility and protection.

The KMC’s have over 3,400 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. With 89% of those reviews being 5-stars it’s pretty clear I’m not the only fan of these inner sleeves.



A few things I read from people who purchased these KMC card sleeves:

Best Card Sleeves – ART

Ultra PRO – 100ct Deck Protector Sleeves (or ANY MTG Art Card Sleeves from Ultra PRO)

Ultra PRO MTG Art Card Sleeves

The Ultra Pro’s are a top choice for collectors seeking durable, artistic, and budget-friendly card sleeves for their Magic: The Gathering cards.

The ones I have above are very similar, although those came in 40-ct packs. But for the most part, the newer versions of the Ultra Pro’s come in 100-pack varieties which is nice.

And, although there are other sleeves out there with some pretty cool artwork (check out the Legion art sleeves for one), I felt the Ultra PRO sleeves with the licensed Magic: The Gathering art were much better.  

For 2024, you can now also find brand new LOST CAVERNS OF IXALAN sleeves which have some awesome artwork. You can check those out at Amazon now as they have about (8) different varieties of card sleeves now available for this new Magic set.



A few things I read from people who purchased these Ultra PRO art sleeves:

Best Custom Printed Card Sleeves

Sometimes you just want to make your very own card sleeves. Whether you want to put your business logo on the sleeves or you want to show off at a tournament, there are plenty of reasons to customize card sleeves. 

Although there are very few websites making custom sleeves, I found two that you should consider for getting quality custom art card sleeves made:

Dragon Shield Sleeve Crafter

Yes, our favorite card sleeve maker Dragon Shield also has an option for creating custom sleeves with your own graphics, colors and text.

They are super reasonable when it comes to price and you can normally get (100) custom sleeves for less than $30. Not a bad deal at all. 

They have a very easy to use online process where you can upload your own graphics, use some Dragon Shield provided graphics, or change colors, borders and text to meet your needs. Check them out.


Although a bit more expensive than Dragon Shield’s custom sleeves, YourPlaymat.com offers some great online tools to customize your very own card sleeves.

They are more expensive than Dragon Shield, but they offer some premium services to ensure your sleeves come out perfectly.

Expect to pay north of $60 for (120) custom sleeves from YourPlaymat.

Best 9-Pocket Card Sleeves

Ultra PRO 9-Pocket Pages PLATINUM Series (100ct.)

Ultra PRO 9-Pocket Sheets

I know many people here are looking for single card sleeves, but on the outside chance that you’re looking to get card sleeves for your Magic: The Gathering binder, I have the perfect recommendation for you.

There are other manufacturers of 9-pocket pages (like TitanShield for example), but I will only ever use Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Trading Card Pages for my binders. And you can go with just about any version you want, but I highly recommend the Platinum Series which comes in a box of (100) 9-pocket pages. 

I use these pages for many of my personal card binders, including the ones that hold all of my Reserved List cards and vintage singles. I know that Ultra Pro sleeves won’t yellow over time and will do a great job protecting the cards that I prefer to keep in binders. 

Best Graded Card Sleeves for MTG Cards

Ultra PRO Graded Card Sleeves (100ct.)

Ultra PRO Graded Card Plastic Sleeves

Like the 9-pocket sleeves, I only trust Ultra PRO when it comes to graded card sleeves. These graded card sleeves fit slabs perfectly and have a resealable strip in case you want to take the slab out once in a while.

When it comes to protecting Graded Magic cards, you would think that the PSA (or whatever grading company) holder would be enough. However, when you’re spending $10-$30 to grade a card (and sometimes WAY more than that if the card is expensive), you don’t want the slab getting scratched or dinged up.

That’s why I alway put graded card slabs into their own plastic sleeves.

These graded card sleeves do a great job preventing nicks and scratches on PSA, BGS, CGC or just about any grading company that uses 1/4″ slabs. They even fit the slabs from Premier Card Grading (PCG), an up and coming player in the graded card arena.

So that’s our list of card sleeves that you’ll want to try out in 2024. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on our CONTACT page. Thanks for stopping by and see back here you soon!

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