Magic 30th Anniversary Edition Box Prices COLLAPSE! Sellers Are Panicking – Find Out Why

Brian Cooper  By Brian Cooper | Updated on January 8, 2024

Magic 30th Anniversary Edition Prices Collapse

Not that this is a huge surprise to many, but Magic 30th Anniversary Edition is TANKING BIG TIME!

OK, it was bound to happen at some point. There’s only so much money in people’s pockets and it has to be spread around to all of the sets that feel like they’re appearing every month. The Magic 30th Anniversary Edition boxes are SUPER TANKING and there appears to be a hint of panic in the air. Not good.

Prices are currently just over $1,000 so from a seller’s point of view, after commission on a site like eBay or TCGPlayer, you’re looking at netting somewhere around $870-$900. That’s a steep loss off the original $1,100 price tag.

Why Are Magic 30th Anniversary Edition Prices Falling?

Magic 30th Anniversary Edition Box

So what happened to all of the buyers who were buying these for $1,200-$1,500? Are they still sitting on all of those boxes and maybe buying more to dollar average? Where’s all the money going?

I’ll tell you where the money is, it’s full blast into the new stuff which is continuing to do extremely well in the market. Money is simply pouring into Dominaria Remastered, Phyrexia: All Will Be One and soon to be March of the Machine, which is scheduled to hit shelves on April 21, 2023.

Why? Because Wizards hit these products out of the park and collectors and players simply really like the product. Prices for singles on both Dominaria Remastered and Phyrexia: All Will Be One are strong and it really appears that print runs were not huge.

Everyone loves these sets and something had to suffer. Unfortunately the money is moving out of one big one: Magic 30th Anniversary Edition.

How Far Will Prices Fall??

Is this the bottom? How low can it go? Could prices sink to $500? Is there some price manipulation going on?

So many questions and my best guess is we might still see prices continue to fall a bit over the next few weeks. I doubt they’ll get to $500 but you could see them in the $800-$900’s for a while.

There are still a lot of 30th Anniversary boxes sitting in private collections right now so not everyone is panicking. But as Wizards of the Coast continues to bring hit after hit to the market, some of that 30th Edition money will ultimately move to newer sets like March of the Machines in the next 1-2 months. It’s inevitable.

Checking some sources online, only a handful of boxes are sold each day on TCGPlayer so that doesn’t bode well for 30th Anniversary over the short term. No one is buying them. And if they are buying, they’re getting super cheap deals.

Magic 30th Anniversary Edition eBay Sales History

Check out our up-to-date table below and you’ll clearly see the downward swing in prices. And when it comes to volumes, in the last 3-months there have been approximately 132 individual box sales on eBay with about HALF of those just coming in the last month.

However, that doesn’t mean the MTG 30th Anniversary Edition was popular in March. It means there was a PANIC in March as prices slid to record low levels and sellers were trying to sell before prices slid even lower. As prices got lower, volumes increased as sellers trying to unload their inventories. Check it out below:

Prices really changed fast in only a few days. It was just a week or two ago when prices were well above $1,500-$1,800. And then WHAM! They’re now hovering around $1,000. It’s just sad how quickly people panicked.

Will Magic 30th Anniversary Recover Anytime Soon?

It’s really hard to tell right now if prices will recover anytime soon for the 30th Anniversary Edition. Consensus among the Magic heavy hitters on YouTube and online is that there is still value in this set, but short term prices are too volatile to recommend the product.

Now when it comes to future value, I still think the set will be a long term good investment. But no way I’m buying 10-20 boxes, even at these levels, as it’s just too much money to put into a controversial product. Would I consider buying 1-5 boxes at the current level (under $1,000) to put away? Yep, absolutely.

The mere chance that there’s a Black Lotus or one of the Power 9 in an unopened box will always drive interest. That ultimately means to me that prices will eventually (and gradually) rise way down the road. But you have to be in this game for 5-10+ years so pack them away in the closet and forget about them!

Keep checking back as we’ll continue to monitor the Magic 30th Anniversary Edition situation. And as always, keep investing in Magic!

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