MetaZoo Wilderness Golden Ticket: The Ultimate Secret Rare!

Brian Cooper  By Brian Cooper | Updated on January 9, 2024

What is the MetaZoo Wilderness Golden Ticket?

The MetaZoo Wilderness Golden Ticket is the secret rare card found in MetaZoo Wilderness 1st Edition Booster packs, which were released back on March 31, 2022.

The card has no text and depicts two Cumberland Dragons facing the center of the card towards a Mothman-like sigil (which is a symbol associated with or considered to have magical power.)

The perimeter of the card includes images of foliage, branches and leaves. The front of the card is covered by the Wilderness holo foiling and the edges have black print lines similar to tear lines found on a traditional paper ticket.

Golden Ticket Secret Rare Card

A secret rare is a very special, unique and ultra rare chase card found only inside of MetaZoo booster packs. It is more or less a promotional card randomly inserted into MetaZoo booster packs.

Secret rare cards are a gimmick of sorts that MetaZoo uses to drive sales of their booster packs. These secret rare cards are normally very hard to find, have amazing eye appeal and are worth quite a bit of money if found.

The “Golden Ticket” secret rare card is MetaZoo’s take on the widely known Golden Ticket that was the center of the movie ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’, released back on June 30, 1971.

In the movie, a young boy named Charlie finds good fortune when he finds a special Golden Ticket inserted in a Wonka chocolate bar. In the movie, there were 5 Golden Tickets inserted randomly into Wonka Bars and it created a sensation across the world.

MetaZoo Golden Ticket Secret Rare CGC-10

Are there other MetaZoo Ticket cards in the Wilderness set?

Yes, there are other ticket cards in Wilderness outside of the Golden Ticket. There are also Silver Tickets and Bronze Tickets that have the same illustration but with different colored holographic foil enhancements.

The cards are not numbered or serialized and have a standard MetaZoo card back.

What is the purpose of the Golden Ticket?

The purpose of the Wilderness secret rare Golden Ticket card is a mystery. It is still unknown what MetaZoo creator Mike Waddell is planning to do for those that find this elusive card.

Speculation on what the Golden Ticket could be redeemed for has run rampant for the last 6+ months. Collectors have speculated everything from receiving absolutely nothing all the way to something similar to what Charlie won in the Willy Wonka film.

Possibly a trip to meet Mr. Mike Waddell himself? Maybe the keys to the MetaZoo kingdom? Possibly ownership or some sort of equity stake in MetaZoo Games LLC? A meet and greet with the Mothman? Purely speculation at this point.

What we can tell you is this, which has not yet been confirmed by MetaZoo:

Again this is all purely rumor and speculation. As soon as we find out what these cards will be redeemable for, we’ll post it here.

MetaZoo Golden Ticket side view

About the Illustrator Seb Botello

The Golden Ticket card was illustrated by artist Sebastian Botello (aka Seb Botello), who has been working with MetaZoo since 2021.

Seb was originally a MetaZoo Kickstarter supporter when the cards were first introduced in 2020. Later, he went on to become an artist and illustrator for many MetaZoo sets (including Cryptid Nation, Wilderness, and UFO to name a few), Collect-a-Con convention prints, and promos.

One of our favorite illustrations by Seb Botello (other than the Golden Ticket) is the Falcon Lake UFO from the UFO 1st Edition set released in July 2022.

MetaZoo Illustrator Seb Botello Card

You can follow Seb on his Instagram page here.

What are the odds of finding a Golden Ticket?

The odds of finding a MetaZoo Golden Ticket are unknown and not released by the company. Booster packs do not contain the odds for finding this secret rare card either. Because we do not know for sure how many Golden Tickets were actually printed, it is currently impossible to calculate those odds.

How many Golden Tickets have been found so far?

So far there have been a total of TWO confirmed Golden Tickets that have been found and both were pulled from Wilderness booster packs.

One of them was pulled from a booster box opening that occurred on a Whatnot livestream on April 3, 2022 by Hyperbole (see his video below.)

The second one was pulled from a pack that was inside a standard Wilderness Release Event box that was opened on a Drip livestream on April 23, 2022.

What is the Golden Ticket worth?

The Golden Ticket is currently worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

The Golden Ticket pulled by Hyperbole is currently for sale on eBay. When it was first listed, the asking price was $85,000. Because it did not sell, the price was adjusted downwards over time.

It was most recently listed for $14,000 and now has been reduced to $9,999. That particular card was signed on the back by the the Illustrator Seb Botello and has been graded by CGC with a grade of PRISTINE 10.

Golden Ticket Card Back signed by Seb Botello

Should you grade the Golden Ticket if you find one?

For a card that could be worth quite a bit of money, the recommendation is that you have the card graded by a reputable grading company like PSA, BGS or CGC, to name a few.

This not only provides you an expert opinion on the grade but it authenticates that the card is an actual Golden Ticket (or Silver or Bronze if that’s the case) which is very important for a card of this caliber.

Should you buy, sell or trade the Golden Ticket?

The decision to buy, sell or trade a MetaZoo Golden Ticket depends on your intent. If you own one of these secret rare cards, the utility of that card (which again, has not been published) could be something that is worth an enormous amount of money to someone.

At this time we do not know when Mike Waddell and MetaZoo will release details as to what the card can be redeemed for. The best guess is they are waiting to see how many more are found in order to release this info at the appropriate time.

That being said, it’s purely a gamble to buy, sell or trade right now without information on the utility of the card.

Wrap Up

That’s all for now on the MetaZoo Wilderness Secret Rare Golden Ticket. We will keep tabs on the market and update everyone right here as soon as we hear about any more tickets being pulled, the purpose and utility or any significant sales or valuations of the card.

For now, have fun collecting MetaZoo cards and we’ll see you back here soon!

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