What Are The Best MTG Artifacts In The Game?

Brian Cooper  By Brian Cooper | Updated on February 25, 2024

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has captivated players for decades, not just through its strategic gameplay but also through the wondrous variety of cards it offers—especially artifacts. Artifacts are a cornerstone of MTG decks, providing versatility and power unlike any other type of card.

Among the wide array of collectible cards in Magic: The Gathering, the artifacts category stands out for its unique and powerful cards that can significantly impact gameplay strategies. Here are some of the best MTG Artifacts out there that you can add to your collection to start winning games today!

The Powerhouses: Iconic Artifacts in MTG History

MTG Sol Ring

MTG is steeped in history, and certain artifacts have left an indelible mark. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic artifacts that have shaped the game:

Iconic ArtifactSetAbility Summary
Black LotusLimited Edition Alpha/Beta/UnlimitedAdds three mana of any single color
Sol RingVarious Core and Expansion SetsAdds two mana of any color
Mox Sapphire/Pearl/Emerald/Jet/RubyLimited Edition Alpha/Beta/UnlimitedAdds one mana of a specific color

These artifacts are famed not just for their powerful effects but also for their influence on MTG’s culture and history.

Deck Synergy Drivers: Artifacts That Complement Your Strategy

MTG Semsei's Divining Top

Artifacts are more than just standalone powerhouses, they’re also essential for crafting synergistic strategies. Here are a few that can become the linchpins of a deck:

Incorporating these artifacts into a deck can be a game-changer, enabling strategies that catch opponents off-guard.

Mana Sources and Accelerators: Artifacts That Speed Up Your Game

MTG Gilded Lotus

One of the primary roles of artifacts in MTG is ramping up the mana base. Mana accelerators are fundamental to casting more significant spells earlier in the game or enabling a quick explosive start.

Artifact Mana SourceAbility
Gilded LotusAdds three mana of any one color
Thran DynamoAdds three colorless mana
Mana CryptAdds two colorless mana at no cost

With these artifacts, players can unleash the most potent spells well before opponents are ready to counter them.

Enhanced Defense: Artifacts That Protect Your Board

MTG Crawl Space

A solid offense in MTG often requires a robust defense, and artifacts can provide exactly that.

A well-protected board can often mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Game Enders: Artifacts That Can Win the Game Outright

MTG Helm Of Obedience

For a dramatic finish, certain artifacts are designed to end games in style:

Game-Ending ArtifactSummary
Blightsteel ColossusA one-hit kill indestructible creature
MindslaverGain control of an opponent's turn
Helm of ObedienceCombine with Rest in Peace to exile an opponent's library

With these artifacts, a match can be brought to a close in the most memorable way possible.

Utility Artifacts: The Swiss Army Knives of MTG

MTG Nevinyrral's Disk

Some artifacts offer a range of uses, earning them the title of utility artifacts.

Their multiple uses address various situations on the battlefield.

Collector’s Corner: Rare and Sought-After MTG Artifacts

MTG Chalice of the Void

For collectors and investors, some artifacts are as valuable as they are powerful. Here’s a snapshot of sought-after collectors’ artifacts:

Collector's ArtifactRarity/Desirability
Mox OpalPowerful with metalcraft boost
Chalice of the VoidMeta-dependent essential
Mishra's BaubleInexpensive card draw

These desirable artifacts not only enhance gameplay but also hold significant value as part of a collection.

Innovative Artifacts: The Latest Releases That Are Shaping the Meta

MTG The Great Henge

Magic’s constant evolution means that new artifacts regularly enter the battlefield.

These recent additions can breathe new life into a deck’s capabilities.

Building Artifact-Centric Decks: Constructing Around Artifact Synergy

When building a deck around artifacts, it’s essential to consider both synergy and consistency.

A well-constructed artifact deck can be both robust and exciting to play.

Artifact Creatures: When Steel Comes to Life

MTG Wurmcoil Engine

Artifact creatures combine the resilience and utility of artifacts with the offensive capabilities of creatures.

Popular Artifact CreaturesAbility
Wurmcoil EngineProvides life gain and board presence
Solemn SimulacrumRamp and card draw upon death
Arcbound RavagerA staple in modular and sacrifice strategies

Using these, players gain the upper hand both in terms of board control and strategic diversity.

Legends and Lore: The Most Famous Artifact Creatures in MTG

MTG Memnarch

Some artifact creatures have become legendary, not just for their abilities but also for the stories they tell.

These creatures are a testament to MTG’s rich lore and narrative depth.

The Artisan’s Touch: Customizing and Altering Your Artifacts

Customizing artifacts through alters and sleeves adds a personal touch to a deck and stands out during play.

Personalizing artifacts enhances the connection to the game and the deck.

Can Artifacts Go Solo? The Viability of Mono-Artifact Decks

Commander 2020 Ikoria Decks

While artifacts can complement various deck types, mono-artifact decks are also viable.

Deck TypeAdvantage
AffinityBenefits from the number of artifacts under control
TronUses lands that generate massive amounts of mana for high-cost artifacts
CheeriosPlays low-cost or zero-cost artifacts for explosive combo turns

These specialized decks showcase the versatility of artifacts in MTG.

Artifacts in Commander: Top Picks for an EDH Arsenal

MTG Lightning Greaves

In the Commander format, or EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander), artifacts play a crucial role.

The right artifacts can significantly enhance the EDH deck’s performance.

The Competitive Scene: Artifacts That Dominate Tournaments

MTG Aether Vial

In competitive play, certain artifacts consistently make their mark.

Knowing which artifacts are currently shaping the competitive scene can give players an edge.

Conclusion: Embracing the Power of Artifacts

By exploring the diverse world of MTG’s best artifacts, there are countless ways to enhance the gaming experience. Build decks, protect cards, and remember—the right artifact can turn the tide of any battle.

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