What Is The Next MTG Release?

The next MTG release is Universes Beyond: FALLOUT which is scheduled to hit shelves on March 8, 2024.

About Universes Beyond: FALLOUT

Prepare to immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic tableau as “Universes Beyond: FALLOUT” melds the strategic depth of Magic: The Gathering with the iconic universe of Fallout. The upcoming Collector Booster is a treasure trove for enthusiasts and collectors alike, boasting a series of alternate art showcase cards that reimagine the original deck in a fresh, visually stunning manner.

The allure of the extended art cards is heightened by their exclusivity, with specific details and numbers still under wraps. A captivating collection of nine borderless cards is set to take fans on a nostalgic journey, featuring the beloved Vault Boy as the centerpiece within a card frame that evokes the charm of vintage comic books. These will be part of a special series, details of which are eagerly anticipated.

The Pip-Boy, an iconic symbol of the Fallout series, inspires an exclusive set of twenty-six cards, each framed to perfection, capturing the essence of the in-game wrist-mounted device. Among these, nine distinctively skinned cards will stand out, offering a unique aesthetic that blends the fantastical with the irradiated grit of Fallout’s world.

Collector Boosters further enrich the experience with both traditional foil and the revolutionary surge foil versions of select cards, promising a dazzling display that will catch the eye of any beholder. Details on the range of these special foils will be revealed in due course.

At the heart of this release lies a singular card, the identity of which remains shrouded in mystery, set to be unveiled as the centerpiece of this crossover event.

Lastly, the Serialized “Bobbleheads” make their mark with an extraordinary double rainbow foil treatment, adding a rare and collectible twist to the series. The specifics of these Bobbleheads, including their numbers, are yet to be announced, fueling anticipation among fans and collectors.

As the world of Magic: The Gathering intersects with the desolate beauty of Fallout, “Universes Beyond: FALLOUT” promises to be a collection that redefines the boundaries of collaboration within the realm of collectible card games. Stay tuned for further details that will shed light on the full scope of this groundbreaking release.

The Universes Beyond: FALLOUT product line will include 4 different COMMANDER DECKS as well as COLLECTOR BOOSTER BOXES and PACKS. 

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