Top 10 PSA Graded Magic Cards Over $500 Sold – March 2023

Brian Cooper  By Brian Cooper | Updated on January 8, 2024

Although the economy is still in rough shape, Magic card investors are still buying up the primo vintage PSA Graded Magic Cards that hit the market. However, volumes are certainly lower than during the peaks of the economy.

On eBay there have only been approximately (12) PSA graded Magic cards sold in the last 30-days priced over $500. Not a big number, right?

The lack of disposable income right now is definitely affecting the Magic investment market and the low numbers of sales of the most expensive cards is definitely telling.

The good news is that there are deals to be had out there. And as you’ll see by the sales below, you can find some awesome vintage graded Magic cards for prices that are close to the lowest of the lows. This environment has certainly opened the doors to building up your collection!

So what has sold in the last month over $500? Let’s start off with the most recent sale which also brought in the biggest bucks….an Unlimited Mox Jet!

1. MTG Unlimited PSA-9 Mox Jet – $3,539.00

MTG Unlimited PSA-9 Mox Jet

Nothing like starting off the list with an Unlimited Power 9 card. This MTG Unlimited Mox Jet graded a PSA-9 went for huge bucks on March 14th selling for $3,539.00 (before taxes.) It’s a spectacular example of this rare card and you’ll be hard pressed to find another as nice as this.

PSA has only graded (145) Unlimited Mox Jet cards and (45) of those are graded PSA-9 or higher. So the rarity of this card (both in terms of print run and rarity of the condition) and it being one of the sought after Power 9 certainly is the reason for the high price tag.

This card actually sold for above PSA’s estimated price tag of $2,500. You’ll often see cards sell for above estimates when they are just super tough to find. And with less than 18,000 of these Unlimited Mox Jet cards printed (per many sources online), I’ll bet you’ll see few of these in such nice condition.

2. MTG Revised PSA-8 Dual Land Tundra – $555.00

MTG Revised PSA-8 Dual Land Tundra

Magic Dual Lands are still extremely hot and this Revised PSA-8 Tundra is next on our list of top sales this month. Going for $555.00 plus tax and shipping, the seller actually took a bit of a discount off their original asking price of $580.00. Still a pretty decent deal in my view.

PSA has only graded a total of (270) of these Revised Tundras but over 60% of those are graded PSA-8 or higher. This is as expected since there are more Revised cards on the market than their Alpha, Beta and Unlimited predecessors.

PSA’s estimate for this card was $400 so it’s another example of a card selling for well over the estimates. Does this mean anything? Yeah, I think so as PSA provides estimated prices based on established price histories so selling for more than the estimate tells me the market is strong for a card.

Dual Lands are still tops on the list for Magic card investors and collectors. For many, a graded Dual Land from A/B/U and Revised is the cornerstone of their collection and is something that is attainable for most wallets. And as you’ll notice on our list, three of the ten cards are Dual Lands!

I think you’ll continue to see decent prices for all graded MTG Dual Lands as everyone wants them. If I only didn’t trade away all of mine years ago!

3. MTG Stronghold PSA-9 Mox Diamond $590.00

MTG Stronghold PSA-9 Mox Diamond

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that the MTG Stronghold Mox Diamond is one of the most appealing Pre-2000 cards ever made. Is it me or does a card with “Mox” or “Lotus” in the name automatically make you want to have it?

I don’t know what it is, but I really like the artwork on this card and the old school Magic border is also appealing. I mean the card is super powerful anyways but being a rare card from a great set definitely helps the value.

Now this card has been reprinted, but this original Stronghold version is THE Mox Diamond to own. There are actually fewer of these PSA graded cards on the market than a 1993 Revised Dual Land. Can you believe it?

MTG Stronghold Mox Diamond
PSA reports show that only (231) of these Stronghold Mox Diamond cards have been graded and (124) of them are graded PSA-9 or higher. And for less than $600 you can own 1 of 124! With all of the huge print runs of newer sets, I would much rather have this PSA-9 Mox Diamond in my collection. How about you?

4. MTG Revised PSA-9 Dual Land Badlands – $575.00

MTG Revised PSA-9 Dual Land Badlands

Another graded PSA-9 Dual Land hits our list and this time it’s the MTG Revised Badlands. And I still find it quite amazing that there are so few of these graded by PSA, especially considering the print run for the 1994 Revised Edition was quite high.

As of this post, PSA has only graded a total of (226) of these cards and (125) of those are PSA-9 or higher. There are just not as many of these higher graded cards on the market than you would expect.

This is definitely another card that I think is attainable for most Magic card investors. It’s a highly sought after Dual Land that you can find in high grade for around that $500 mark. I think one day you’ll see PSA-9 and PSA-10 versions of this card going for much bigger bucks. It may take a few years but I can’t see this card going down in price anytime soon.

5. MTG Alpha PSA-5 Sol Ring – $911.02

MTG Alpha PSA-5 Sol Ring

The first original OG card on the list – a very early 1993 MTG Alpha Sol Ring. But look at the price tag for this PSA-5 graded card! WOW!

This tells you a lot about graded Magic Alpha cards. I really think that Alpha’s will be some of the most sought after cards in any grade. And this nearly $1,000 price tag for a mid-grade Sol Ring just blows my mind!

So how many of these cards are out in the wild? So far, PSA has only graded (69) Alpha Sol Ring cards and this one is the lone PSA-5. PSA doesn’t provide price estimates for lower grades but they’re showing a PSA-8 should be around $375. This just shows you the massive demand there currently is for graded Alpha cards for a PSA-5 to sell for over $900.

If I could recommend only one thing to Magic card investors it would be to buy graded Alpha cards. Even the commons will one day bring decent bucks and I think you cannot go wrong with a nice collection of the original Magic cards from 1993.

6. MTG Commander Legends PSA-9 Jeweled Lotus Extended Art Foil – $531.00

MTG Commander Legends PSA-9 Jeweled Lotus Extended Art Foil

The newest card on our list happens to be a card with “Lotus” in its name. No surprise there!

The Commander Legends Jeweled Lotus (Extended Art FOIL version) is still highly coveted by Magic collectors and this PSA-9 example brought some BIG bucks this past month.

For a newer card, there are surprisingly very few of these graded by PSA. At this point, there are only (88) PSA graded Jeweled Lotus Extended Art Foil versions with a majority of those being PSA-9 or higher.

This is really no surprise as most times people will only submit cards they believe will bring high grades. However, the surprise is that less than a hundred of this card have been graded as I would have thought that number would be much higher for a card printed in 2020.

We won’t ever know exactly how many Commander Legends Booster Boxes were printed, but based on availability and how tough it was (and is) to get, there’s not much left on the market. Which means we probably won’t see very many more Jeweled Lotus Extended Art Foil cards on the market either.

The Magic store on Amazon is selling these Booster Boxes like hot cakes! They’ve sold more than 200 boxes in the past month alone! And not to mention, Amazon will only allow you to purchase 1-box per customer right now so supplies are running LOW on this item directly from Wizards.

Does this bode well for the Jeweled Lotus? Yep!

7. MTG Revised PSA-9 Dual Land Badlands – $525.00

MTG Revised PSA-9 Dual Land Badlands

Not much to say here besides this is the SECOND PSA-9 MTG Revised Badlands on our list! So what does that mean?

Well, as mentioned above Dual Lands were, are and will continue to be HOT items when it comes to Magic card investments.

The Badlands is not the highest priced Dual Land, but I think there are collectors moving to add graded examples of the lower tier Duals to their collection. Why? Because they’re cheap for such a high grade.

I’m still long term bullish on these Dual Lands in high grades. It could be Revised or A/B/U as long as it’s a high grade at a decent price. You simply cannot go wrong long term.

8. MTG Beta PSA-8 Demonic Tutor – $750.00

MTG Beta PSA-8 Demonic Tutor

The first Beta on the list is a good one….the MTG Beta Demonic Tutor. This card has been reprinted more times than I care to discuss, but there’s nothing like the OG Demonic Tutor from the original A/B/U sets.

This is another vintage Magic card where the price blew my mind. A PSA-8 Beta selling for $750! WOW! The vintage high grade market is definitely strong.

The bottom line is this was a STRONG price for a vintage Demonic Tutor. Again, very telling about the strength of high grade vintage Magic cards. You can’t go wrong.

9. MTG Unlimited PSA-8 Forcefield – $1,150.00

MTG Unlimited PSA-8 Forcefield

So we’re down to our final two +$500 cards sold on our list and the very rare MTG Unlimited Forcefield makes a huge showing selling for over a grand!

Back in the day, Wizards thought that Forcefield was just too powerful so they ended up removing it from Revised. So this Unlimited version is the final one they printed.

There are very few of these Unlimited versions around and PSA is only showing (53) of them were graded. Of those, there are only (32) graded PSA-8 or higher. Needless to say, it’s a very rare card in this grade.

I’m not sure how far the price on this card will climb over the coming years but I know it’s a rare and powerful card and sometimes you have to pay up for something that only comes around once in a while.

10. MTG Collectors Edition PSA-8 Black Lotus – $5,000.00

MTG Collectors Edition PSA-8 Black Lotus

I’m not a huge fan of the unplayable cards but, when it comes to the MTG Collectors Edition Black Lotus, you  sometimes have to make an exception. In this case, the buyer on eBay got a very rare version of the Black Lotus for a price that is nearly unheard of in this grade.

Although the Alpha, Beta and Unlimited Black Lotus cards are the ones to own, the price for any one of those is normally astronomical. So in most cases you have to resort to the Collectors Edition (or International Edition) which was the next most popular card on the list.

Although the card is unplayable, the collectability aspect of this card is undeniable. As a Magic card investor, the pinnacle of your collection would be a Black Lotus in any version. This particular buyer paid an enormous amount of money, but got a card that is arguably the most prized Magic card ever made (in any version.)

How many Collectors Edition Black Lotus cards exist? Estimates are less than 10,000. But how many are PSA graded as high as this one? There are only (59) of these Black Lotus Collectors Edition cards graded of which (43) are graded PSA-8 or higher. Couple the demand of this card with the rarity and you have the recipe for a mid 4-figure priced card primed to go higher.

It’s a great card. I wish I had one. Don’t you?

PSA Graded Magic Cards – Wrap It Up!

That’s it for our top 10 PSA graded Magic cards that sold for over $500 this month. Keep checking back and we’ll hopefully keep doing posts like this one (as long as Magic cards keep selling for over $500 that is!….I’m sure they will.)

If you have any questions about investing in Magic cards or have a question or subject you would like to see us discuss here on the site, drop us a message here. Thanks for stopping by and KEEP INVESTING IN MAGIC!

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