Magic Reserved List Cards

The Magic The Gathering RESERVED LIST is comprised of 572 unique cards from Magic’s early years that will never again be reprinted by WotC. The Reserved List contains cards from the original 1993 Alpha set all the way through the 1999 Urza’s Destiny set. The list was first published by WotC on March 4, 1996 and has been revised twice, one in 2002 and then again in 2010. 

The only Magic sets that have cards in the Reserved List are as follows:  Limited Edition (Alpha, Beta, Unlimited), Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, The Dark, Fallen Empires, Ice Age, Homelands, Alliances, Mirage, Visions, Weatherlight, Tempest, Stronghold, Exodus, Urza’s Saga, Urza’s Legacy and Urza’s Destiny.

The idea behind the MTG Reserved List was mainly to preserve the collectibility aspect of Magic The Gathering.  Back in mid-1995, WotC released their Fourth Edition and Chronicles sets which happened to include a lot of reprinted older Magic cards. This upset many players and collectors in the Magic community, so much so that WotC decided to make things right. By putting out a list of rare cards that will never ever be reprinted, WotC assured collectors that certain cards will remain unique in the game and thus their value on the secondary markets will be preserved.

Below is a list of all cards currently on the Magic Reserved List. The list shows more than 572 cards because some cards were duplicated in the early years of Magic. For example, the Black Lotus was available in Alpha, Beta and Unlimited so you’ll see three line items in the list below.

Academy RectorUrza's DestinyRare
Acid RainLegendsRare
Acidic DaggerMirageRare
Adun OakenshieldLegendsRare
Aegis of the MeekIce AgeRare
AeolipileFallen EmpiresRare
Afiya GroveMirageRare
Aku DjinnVisionsRare
Al-abara's CarpetLegendsRare
Alchor's TombLegendsRare
Ali from CairoArabian NightsRare
All Hallow's EveLegendsRare
Altar of BoneIce AgeRare
Amulet of QuozIce AgeRare
Amulet of UnmakingMirageRare
An-Zerrin RuinsHomelandsRare
Anaba AncestorHomelandsRare
Anaba Spirit CrafterHomelandsRare
Ancestral KnowledgeWeatherlightRare
Ancestral RecallUnlimited EditionRare
Ancestral RecallBeta EditionRare
Ancestral RecallAlpha EditionRare
Angus MackenzieLegendsRare
Anvil of BogardanVisionsRare
Apocalypse ChimeHomelandsRare
Argivian ArchaeologistAntiquitiesRare
Argothian WurmUrza's SagaRare
Ashnod's CylixAlliancesRare
Asmira, Holy AvengerMirageRare
Auspicious AncestorMirageRare
Autumn WillowHomelandsRare
Avenging AngelTempestRare
Aysen CrusaderHomelandsRare
Aysen HighwayHomelandsRare
BadlandsRevised EditionLandRare
BadlandsUnlimited EditionLandRare
BadlandsAlpha EditionLandRare
BadlandsBeta EditionLandRare
Baki's CurseHomelandsRare
Balduvian HydraIce AgeRare
Balduvian Trading PostAlliancesLandRare
Balm of RestorationFallen EmpiresRare
Baron SengirHomelandsRare
Barreling AttackMirageRare
Barrin, Master WizardUrza's SagaRare
Bartel RuneaxeLegendsRare
BayouRevised EditionLandRare
BayouUnlimited EditionLandRare
BayouBeta EditionLandRare
BayouAlpha EditionLandRare
Bazaar of BaghdadArabian NightsLandUncommon
Bazaar of WondersMirageRare
Beast WalkersHomelandsRare
Benthic DjinnMirageRare
Black CarriageHomelandsRare
Black LotusUnlimited EditionRare
Black LotusAlpha EditionRare
Black LotusBeta EditionRare
Blaze of GloryUnlimited EditionRare
Blaze of GloryAlpha EditionRare
Blaze of GloryBeta EditionRare
BlizzardIce AgeRare
Bogardan PhoenixVisionsRare
Bone DancerWeatherlightRare
Bone MaskMirageRare
Boris DevilboonLegendsRare
Bosium StripWeatherlightRare
BraingeyserRevised EditionRare
BraingeyserUnlimited EditionRare
BraingeyserBeta EditionRare
BraingeyserAlpha EditionRare
Brand of Ill OmenIce AgeRare
Breathstealer's CryptVisionsRare
Bubble MatrixWeatherlightRare
Cadaverous BloomMirageRare
Call to ArmsIce AgeRare
Candelabra of TawnosAntiquitiesRare
Canopy DragonMirageRare
Carnival of SoulsUrza's DestinyRare
Catacomb DragonMirageRare
Caverns of DespairLegendsRare
Chain StasisHomelandsRare
Chains of MephistophelesLegendsRare
Chaos HarlequinAlliancesRare
Chaos OrbUnlimited EditionRare
Chaos OrbBeta EditionRare
Chaos OrbAlpha EditionRare
Chromatic ArmorIce AgeRare
Circle of DespairMirageRare
Citanul CentaursUrza's SagaRare
Citanul DruidAntiquitiesUncommon
City in a BottleArabian NightsRare
City of ShadowsThe DarkLandRare
City of SolitudeVisionsRare
City of TraitorsExodusLandRare
CleansingThe DarkRare
Commander Greven il-VecTempestRare
Conch HornFallen EmpiresRare
Contract from BelowRevised EditionRare
Contract from BelowUnlimited EditionRare
Contract from BelowBeta EditionRare
Contract from BelowAlpha EditionRare
Copy ArtifactRevised EditionRare
Copy ArtifactUnlimited EditionRare
Copy ArtifactAlpha EditionRare
Copy ArtifactBeta EditionRare
Corpse DanceTempestRare
Covetous DragonUrza's DestinyRare
Crovax the CursedStrongholdRare
Cursed ScrollTempestRare
Cycle of LifeMirageRare
Cyclopean TombUnlimited EditionRare
Cyclopean TombBeta EditionRare
Cyclopean TombAlpha EditionRare
Damping FieldAntiquitiesUncommon
DarkpactRevised EditionRare
DarkpactUnlimited EditionRare
DarkpactBeta EditionRare
DarkpactAlpha EditionRare
Daughter of AutumnHomelandsRare
Debt of LoyaltyWeatherlightRare
Delif's CubeFallen EmpiresRare
Demonic AttorneyRevised EditionRare
Demonic AttorneyUnlimited EditionRare
Demonic AttorneyBeta EditionRare
Demonic AttorneyAlpha EditionRare
Demonic HordesRevised EditionRare
Demonic HordesUnlimited EditionRare
Demonic HordesBeta EditionRare
Demonic HordesAlpha EditionRare
Deranged HermitUrza's LegacyRare
Deranged HermitJudge PromosRare
Diamond KaleidoscopeVisionsRare
Diamond ValleyArabian NightsLandUncommon
Discordant SpiritMirageRare
Divine InterventionLegendsRare
Divine RetributionMirageRare
Dominating LicidExodusRare
DonateUrza's DestinyRare
Draconian CylixFallen EmpiresRare
Dream HallsStrongholdRare
Drop of HoneyArabian NightsRare
Dwarven ArmorerFallen EmpiresRare
Dwarven PonyHomelandsRare
Dwarven Sea ClanHomelandsRare
Dwarven ThaumaturgistWeatherlightRare
EarthlinkIce AgeRare
Ebon PraetorFallen EmpiresRare
Eladamri, Lord of LeavesTempestRare
Elder SpawnLegendsRare
Elephant GraveyardArabian NightsLandRare
Elkin LairVisionsRare
Elven LyreFallen EmpiresRare
Elvish FarmerFallen EmpiresRare
Emberwilde CaliphMirageRare
Emberwilde DjinnMirageRare
Energy BoltMirageRare
Energy StormIce AgeRare
Energy VortexMirageRare
Ertai, Wizard AdeptExodusRare
Ertai's FamiliarWeatherlightRare
Escaped ShapeshifterTempestRare
Eternal FlameThe DarkRare
Exalted DragonExodusRare
ExorcistThe DarkRare
Eye of SingularityVisionsRare
Faerie NobleHomelandsRare
Falling StarLegendsRare
FarmsteadRevised EditionRare
FarmsteadUnlimited EditionRare
FarmsteadBeta EditionRare
FarmsteadAlpha EditionRare
FastbondRevised EditionRare
FastbondUnlimited EditionRare
FastbondAlpha EditionRare
FastbondBeta EditionRare
Fatal LoreAlliancesRare
Femeref EnchantressVisionsRare
Field of DreamsLegendsRare
Firestorm HellkiteVisionsRare
Firestorm PhoenixLegendsRare
Flooded ShorelineVisionsRare
Floodwater DamAlliancesRare
Flow of MaggotsIce AgeRare
Forbidden RitualVisionsRare
ForcefieldUnlimited EditionRare
ForcefieldBeta EditionRare
ForcefieldAlpha EditionRare
Forethought AmuletLegendsRare
ForkRevised EditionRare
ForkUnlimited EditionRare
ForkBeta EditionRare
ForkAlpha EditionRare
FormationIce AgeRare
Forsaken WastesMirageRare
Frankenstein's MonsterThe DarkRare
Frenetic EfreetMirageRare
Fungal BloomFallen EmpiresRare
Fungus ElementalWeatherlightRare
Fyndhorn PollenIce AgeRare
Gaea's AvengerAntiquitiesRare
Gaea's CradleUrza's SagaLandRare
Gaea's CradleJudge PromosLandRare
Gargantuan GorillaAlliancesRare
Gate to PhyrexiaAntiquitiesUncommon
Gauntlet of MightUnlimited EditionRare
Gauntlet of MightBeta EditionRare
Gauntlet of MightAlpha EditionRare
General JarkeldIce AgeRare
Gilded DrakeUrza's SagaRare
Glacial CrevassesIce AgeRare
Goblin BombWeatherlightRare
Goblin FlotillaFallen EmpiresRare
Goblin WizardThe DarkRare
Golgothian SylexAntiquitiesRare
Gosta DirkLegendsRare
Grandmother SengirHomelandsRare
Granite GargoyleRevised EditionRare
Granite GargoyleUnlimited EditionRare
Granite GargoyleBeta EditionRare
Granite GargoyleAlpha EditionRare
Grave RobbersThe DarkRare
GravebindIce AgeRare
Gravity SphereLegendsRare
Great WhaleUrza's SagaRare
Griffin CanyonVisionsLandRare
Grim FeastMirageRare
Grim MonolithUrza's LegacyRare
Guardian BeastArabian NightsRare
Guiding SpiritVisionsRare
Gustha's ScepterAlliancesRare
Gwendlyn Di CorciLegendsRare
Hakim, LoreweaverMirageRare
Hall of GemstoneMirageRare
Halls of MistIce AgeLandRare
Hand of JusticeFallen EmpiresRare
Harbinger of NightMirageRare
Haunting WindAntiquitiesUncommon
Hazduhr the AbbotHomelandsRare
Hazezon TamarLegendsRare
Heart of BogardanWeatherlightRare
Heart of YavimayaAlliancesLandRare
Heart WolfHomelandsRare
Heat StrokeWeatherlightRare
Helm of ObedienceAlliancesRare
Herald of SerraUrza's SagaRare
Hidden PathThe DarkRare
Hivis of the ScaleMirageRare
Homarid ShamanFallen EmpiresRare
Hot SpringsIce AgeRare
Icatian LieutenantFallen EmpiresRare
Icatian SkirmishersFallen EmpiresRare
Ice CauldronIce AgeRare
Ifh-Bíff EfreetArabian NightsRare
Illusionary MaskUnlimited EditionRare
Illusionary MaskAlpha EditionRare
Illusionary MaskBeta EditionRare
Illusionary PresenceIce AgeRare
Illusions of GrandeurIce AgeRare
Implements of SacrificeFallen EmpiresRare
In the Eye of ChaosLegendsRare
Infernal DenizenIce AgeRare
Infernal TributeWeatherlightRare
Infinite AuthorityLegendsRare
Inner SanctumWeatherlightRare
IntuitionJudge PromosRare
Invoke PrejudiceLegendsRare
Island of Wak-WakArabian NightsLandRare
Ivory GargoyleAlliancesRare
Jabari's InfluenceMirageRare
Jacques le VertLegendsRare
Jester's MaskIce AgeRare
JihadArabian NightsRare
Jovial EvilLegendsRare
Jungle PatrolMirageRare
Juzám DjinnArabian NightsRare
Kaervek's SpiteVisionsRare
Karn, Silver Golem
From the Vault: Relics
Karn, Silver GolemUrza's SagaRare
Katabatic WindsVisionsRare
Keeper of TresserhornAlliancesRare
Khabál GhoulArabian NightsUncommon
King SuleimanArabian NightsRare
Kjeldoran KnightIce AgeRare
Kjeldoran OutpostAlliancesLandRare
Kjeldoran PhalanxIce AgeRare
Knights of ThornThe DarkRare
Knowledge VaultLegendsRare
Kobold OverlordLegendsRare
Koskun FallsHomelandsRare
Krovikan HorrorAlliancesRare
KudzuRevised EditionRare
KudzuUnlimited EditionRare
KudzuBeta EditionRare
KudzuAlpha EditionRare
Kukemssa PiratesMirageRare
Lady CaleriaLegendsRare
Lady EvangelaLegendsRare
Lake of the DeadAlliancesLandRare
Land CapIce AgeLandRare
Land EquilibriumLegendsRare
Lava TubesIce AgeLandRare
Leering GargoyleMirageRare
Library of AlexandriaArabian NightsLandUncommon
LichUnlimited EditionRare
LichBeta EditionRare
LichAlpha EditionRare
Liege of the HollowsWeatherlightRare
Life MatrixLegendsRare
LifelineUrza's SagaRare
Lightning BlowIce AgeRare
Lightning CloudVisionsRare
Lightning DragonUrza's SagaRare
Lightning DragonPrerelease CardsRare
Lion's Eye DiamondMirageRare
Living PlaneLegendsRare
Livonya SiloneLegendsRare
Lodestone BaubleAlliancesRare
Lord of TresserhornAlliancesRare
Lotus ValeWeatherlightLandRare
Lure of PreyMirageRare
LurkerThe DarkRare
Malignant GrowthMirageRare
Mammoth HarnessHomelandsRare
Mana MatrixLegendsRare
Mana VortexThe DarkRare
Mana WebWeatherlightRare
Mangara's TomeMirageRare
Maraxus of KeldWeatherlightRare
Marton StromgaldIce AgeRare
Martyr's CryThe DarkRare
Martyrs of KorlisAntiquitiesUncommon
Master of the HuntLegendsRare
From the Vault: Relics
MasticoreUrza's DestinyRare
Memory JarUrza's LegacyRare
Memory Jar
From the Vault: Relics
MercenariesIce AgeRare
Merchant ShipArabian NightsUncommon
Mesmeric TranceIce AgeRare
MetalworkerUrza's DestinyRare
Mind Over MatterExodusRare
Mindbender SporesMirageRare
Minion of Tevesh SzatIce AgeRare
Mirror UniverseLegendsRare
Misers' CageMirageRare
Mishra's WorkshopAntiquitiesLandRare
Mist DragonMirageRare
Mold DemonLegendsRare
MorphlingUrza's SagaRare
MorphlingJudge PromosRare
Mountain TitanIce AgeRare
Mox Diamond
From the Vault: Relics
Mox DiamondStrongholdRare
Mox EmeraldUnlimited EditionRare
Mox EmeraldAlpha EditionRare
Mox EmeraldBeta EditionRare
Mox JetUnlimited EditionRare
Mox JetBeta EditionRare
Mox JetAlpha EditionRare
Mox PearlUnlimited EditionRare
Mox PearlBeta EditionRare
Mox PearlAlpha EditionRare
Mox RubyUnlimited EditionRare
Mox RubyBeta EditionRare
Mox RubyAlpha EditionRare
Mox SapphireUnlimited EditionRare
Mox SapphireBeta EditionRare
Mox SapphireAlpha EditionRare
MudslideIce AgeRare
Multani, Maro-SorcererUrza's LegacyRare
MusicianIce AgeRare
Mwonvuli OozeWeatherlightRare
Mystic DecreeHomelandsRare
Mystic MightIce AgeRare
Nameless RaceThe DarkRare
Natural BalanceMirageRare
Natural SelectionUnlimited EditionRare
Natural SelectionBeta EditionRare
Natural SelectionAlpha EditionRare
Nature's WrathAlliancesRare
Nether VoidLegendsRare
Niall SilvainThe DarkRare
North StarLegendsRare
Nova PentacleLegendsRare
Null ChamberMirageRare
Null RodWeatherlightRare
Oath of GhoulsExodusRare
Ogre EnforcerVisionsRare
Old Man of the SeaArabian NightsRare
Omen of FireAlliancesRare
Opal ArchangelUrza's SagaRare
OpalescenceUrza's DestinyRare
Orim, Samite HealerTempestRare
PalinchronUrza's LegacyRare
Paradigm ShiftWeatherlightRare
Paupers' CageMirageRare
Pendrell MistsWeatherlightRare
Phantasmal SphereAlliancesRare
Phyrexian DevourerAlliancesRare
Phyrexian DreadnoughtMirageRare
Phyrexian DreadnoughtJudge PromosRare
Phyrexian MarauderVisionsRare
Phyrexian Negator
Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. the Coalition
Phyrexian NegatorUrza's DestinyRare
Phyrexian NegatorJudge PromosRare
Phyrexian PortalAlliancesRare
Phyrexian PurgeMirageRare
Phyrexian TributeMirageRare
Pillar Tombs of AkuVisionsRare
Pixie QueenLegendsRare
Planar GateLegendsRare
PlateauRevised EditionLandRare
PlateauUnlimited EditionLandRare
PlateauAlpha EditionLandRare
PlateauBeta EditionLandRare
Polar KrakenIce AgeRare
Political TrickeryMirageRare
Powder KegUrza's DestinyRare
Powder Keg
Magic Player Rewards
Power ArtifactAntiquitiesUncommon
PreacherThe DarkRare
Preferred SelectionMirageRare
Prismatic LaceMirageRare
Psychic AllergyThe DarkRare
Psychic VortexWeatherlightRare
Purraj of UrborgMirageRare
Pygmy HippoVisionsRare
PyramidsArabian NightsRare
Quarum Trench GnomesLegendsRare
Quirion DruidVisionsRare
Radiant, ArchangelUrza's LegacyRare
Raging RiverUnlimited EditionRare
Raging RiverBeta EditionRare
Raging RiverAlpha EditionRare
Rainbow EfreetVisionsRare
Rainbow ValeFallen EmpiresLandRare
Ramses OverdarkLegendsRare
Rapid FireLegendsRare
Rashida ScalebaneMirageRare
Rasputin DreamweaverLegendsRare
Razor PendulumMirageRare
Reality TwistIce AgeRare
Recurring NightmareExodusRare
Reflect DamageMirageRare
ReplenishUrza's DestinyRare
Retribution of the MeekVisionsRare
Reveka, Wizard SavantHomelandsRare
Righteous WarVisionsRare
Ring of GixUrza's LegacyRare
Ring of ImmortalsLegendsRare
Ring of Ma'rufArabian NightsRare
Ring of RenewalFallen EmpiresRare
Ritual of SubdualIce AgeRare
Ritual of the MachineAlliancesRare
River DeltaIce AgeLandRare
River MerfolkFallen EmpiresRare
Roc of Kher RidgesRevised EditionRare
Roc of Kher RidgesUnlimited EditionRare
Roc of Kher RidgesBeta EditionRare
Roc of Kher RidgesAlpha EditionRare
Rock BasiliskMirageRare
Rock HydraRevised EditionRare
Rock HydraUnlimited EditionRare
Rock HydraBeta EditionRare
Rock HydraAlpha EditionRare
Rofellos, Llanowar EmissaryUrza's DestinyRare
Rogue SkycaptainAlliancesRare
Rohgahh of Kher KeepLegendsRare
Royal DecreeAlliancesRare
Rysorian BadgerHomelandsRare
Sandals of AbdallahArabian NightsUncommon
Sands of TimeVisionsRare
SavannahRevised EditionLandRare
SavannahUnlimited EditionLandRare
SavannahBeta EditionLandRare
SavannahAlpha EditionLandRare
Sawback ManticoreMirageRare
Scarwood BanditsThe DarkRare
Scorched RuinsWeatherlightLandRare
ScrublandRevised EditionLandRare
ScrublandUnlimited EditionLandRare
ScrublandBeta EditionLandRare
ScrublandAlpha EditionLandRare
Season of the WitchThe DarkRare
Second ChanceUrza's LegacyRare
Sedge TrollRevised EditionRare
Sedge TrollUnlimited EditionRare
Sedge TrollBeta EditionRare
Sedge TrollAlpha EditionRare
Seeds of InnocenceMirageRare
Selenia, Dark AngelTempestRare
Serendib DjinnArabian NightsRare
Serra AviaryHomelandsRare
Serra's SanctumUrza's SagaLandRare
ShahrazadArabian NightsRare
Shallow GraveMirageRare
Shauku, EndbringerMirageRare
Sheltered ValleyAlliancesLandRare
Sidar JabariMirageRare
Silver WyvernStrongholdRare
Singing TreeArabian NightsRare
Skeleton ShipIce AgeRare
Sliver QueenStrongholdRare
SnowblindIce AgeRare
Soldevi DiggerAlliancesRare
Soldevi ExcavationsAlliancesLandRare
Soldevi GolemIce AgeRare
Soraya the FalconerHomelandsRare
Sorrow's PathThe DarkLandRare
Soul EchoMirageRare
Spectral GuardianMirageRare
Spinal VillainLegendsRare
Spirit of the NightMirageRare
Spirit ShieldFallen EmpiresRare
Spiritual SanctuaryLegendsRare
Splintering WindAlliancesRare
Spoils of EvilIce AgeRare
Spoils of WarIce AgeRare
Squandered ResourcesVisionsRare
Stone CalendarThe DarkRare
Storm SpiritIce AgeRare
Storm WorldLegendsRare
Subterranean SpiritMirageRare
Suleiman's LegacyVisionsRare
Survival of the FittestExodusRare
Survival of the FittestJudge PromosRare
Sustaining SpiritAlliancesRare
Sword of the AgesLegendsRare
Sworn DefenderAlliancesRare
TaigaRevised EditionLandRare
TaigaUnlimited EditionLandRare
TaigaAlpha EditionLandRare
TaigaBeta EditionLandRare
Tainted SpecterMirageRare
Tawnos's CoffinAntiquitiesRare
Teeka's DragonMirageRare
Teferi's ImpMirageRare
Teferi's IsleMirageLandRare
Teferi's RealmVisionsRare
Telim'Tor's EdictMirageRare
Temporal ApertureUrza's SagaRare
Tetsuo UmezawaLegendsRare
Thawing GlaciersAlliancesRare
Thawing GlaciersJudge PromosLandRare
The AbyssLegendsRare
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
Thelon's CurseFallen EmpiresRare
Thelonite MonkFallen EmpiresRare
Thought LashAlliancesRare
Thran TomeWeatherlightRare
Three WishesVisionsRare
Thrull ChampionFallen EmpiresRare
Thunder SpiritLegendsRare
Tidal ControlAlliancesRare
Timberline RidgeIce AgeLandRare
Time SpiralUrza's SagaRare
Time VaultUnlimited EditionRare
Time VaultAlpha EditionRare
Time VaultBeta EditionRare
Time WalkUnlimited EditionRare
Time WalkBeta EditionRare
Time WalkAlpha EditionRare
TimetwisterUnlimited EditionRare
TimetwisterBeta EditionRare
TimetwisterAlpha EditionRare
Timmerian FiendsHomelandsRare
Tolarian AcademyUrza's SagaLandRare
Tolarian EntrancerWeatherlightRare
Tolarian SerpentWeatherlightRare
Tombstone StairwellMirageRare
Torrent of LavaMirageRare
Tourach's GateFallen EmpiresRare
TrackerThe DarkRare
TrailblazerIce AgeRare
Transmute ArtifactAntiquitiesUncommon
TreacheryUrza's DestinyRare
Triangle of WarVisionsRare
Tropical IslandRevised EditionLandRare
Tropical IslandUnlimited EditionLandRare
Tropical IslandBeta EditionLandRare
Tropical IslandAlpha EditionLandRare
Tuknir DeathlockLegendsRare
TundraRevised EditionLandRare
TundraUnlimited EditionLandRare
TundraBeta EditionLandRare
TundraAlpha EditionLandRare
Two-Headed Giant of ForiysUnlimited EditionRare
Two-Headed Giant of ForiysBeta EditionRare
Two-Headed Giant of ForiysAlpha EditionRare
Underground SeaRevised EditionLandRare
Underground SeaUnlimited EditionLandRare
Underground SeaBeta EditionLandRare
Underground SeaAlpha EditionLandRare
Undiscovered ParadiseVisionsLandRare
Unfulfilled DesiresMirageRare
Urborg JusticeWeatherlightRare
Urborg StalkerWeatherlightRare
Urza's MiterAntiquitiesRare
Varchild's War-RidersAlliancesRare
Veldrane of SengirHomelandsRare
VeldtIce AgeLandRare
Ventifact BottleMirageRare
Vesuvan DoppelgangerRevised EditionRare
Vesuvan DoppelgangerUnlimited EditionRare
Vesuvan DoppelgangerBeta EditionRare
Vesuvan DoppelgangerAlpha EditionRare
Veteran BodyguardRevised EditionRare
Veteran BodyguardUnlimited EditionRare
Veteran BodyguardBeta EditionRare
Veteran BodyguardAlpha EditionRare
Viashivan DragonVisionsRare
Vodalian KnightsFallen EmpiresRare
Vodalian War MachineFallen EmpiresRare
Volcanic IslandRevised EditionLandRare
Volcanic IslandUnlimited EditionLandRare
Volcanic IslandBeta EditionLandRare
Volrath's ShapeshifterStrongholdRare
Volrath's StrongholdStrongholdLandRare
Wall of KelpHomelandsRare
Wandering MageAlliancesRare
Warping WurmMirageRare
Wave of TerrorWeatherlightRare
Weatherseed TreefolkUrza's LegacyRare
Well of KnowledgeWeatherlightRare
Wheel of FortuneRevised EditionRare
Wheel of FortuneUnlimited EditionRare
Wheel of FortuneJudge PromosRare
Wheel of FortuneBeta EditionRare
Wheel of FortuneAlpha EditionRare
Willow PriestessHomelandsRare
Willow SatyrLegendsRare
Winding CanyonsWeatherlightLandRare
Winter SkyHomelandsRare
Winter's ChillIce AgeRare
Winter's NightAlliancesRare
Wood ElementalLegendsRare
Word of CommandUnlimited EditionRare
Word of CommandBeta EditionRare
Word of CommandAlpha EditionRare
Worms of the EarthThe DarkRare
Wormwood TreefolkThe DarkRare
Xanthic StatueWeatherlightRare
Yavimaya HollowUrza's DestinyLandRare
Yawgmoth's BargainUrza's DestinyRare
Yawgmoth's WillUrza's SagaRare
Yawgmoth's WillJudge PromosRare
Zelyon SwordFallen EmpiresRare
ZephidUrza's SagaRare
Zhalfirin CrusaderVisionsRare
Zirilan of the ClawMirageRare
Zuberi, Golden FeatherMirageRare