The Brothers’ War – MTG

MTG The Brothers' War

RELEASE DATENovember 18, 2022
SET SYMBOLThe Brothers War Set Symbol

Welcome to The Brothers’ War, the 94th expansion set to the wide world of Magic: The Gathering! And this could be one of the best yet.

The Brothers War MTG

The Brothers’ War set comprises a total of 287 cards which is broken down as follows:

As with most recent set releases by Wizards, you’ll also find foil premium versions of all cards randomly inserted into The Brothers’ War MTG packs. 

You’ll also find a slew of land cards that will be sought after as well. From the basic lands and  10 Full-Art basic lands that look spectacular to the handful of utility lands including Hall of Tagsin and Blast Zone, there’s something for every land-fan for sure.

BUT WAIT, there’s more! 


Artifacts will be HUGE in this new set with the introduction of RETRO ARTIFACTS! They come one per pack, will have their own unique symbol, and be very much like the (63) Mystical Archive cards that we saw inserted in Strixhaven back in 2021. Similarly, there will be a total of (63) Retro Artifacts and you’ll find them as a replacement for common rarity cards in Draft, Set and Collector Booster Packs. 

And here’s where things get interesting with the Retro Artifacts. They will come in three different versions so get ready to do some massive pack ripping to find them.

  1. REGULAR Retro Frame Versions – found in BRO DRAFT Booster Boxes.
  2. RETRO SCHEMATICS FOIL and NON-FOIL Versions – found in BRO SET and COLLECTORS Booster Boxes.
  3. DOUBLE RAINBOW FOIL RETRO SCHEMATICS Versions – these are serialized cards (individually numbered up to 500) found only in BRO COLLECTOR Booster Boxes.


I’m sure this list will change over time, but as of the first day of release there are a few cards that look like they have the pole position when it comes to being the HOT CARD to look out for in MTG The Brothers’ War.  Portal to Phyrexia is probably tops on everyone’s list followed closely by Urza, Lord Protector and Awaken the Woods.

However, I have to give a shout out to my personal favorite Phyrexian Fleshgorger!  Just saying the name loudly in my best orcish tone (as my dog looks at me like I’m nuts) makes this one take the cake for BEST NAMED CARD!


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Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast will have their normal product releases for this set so nothing really unique for this expansion outside of the cards you can find inside.  

Check out our breakdown of every product for THE BROTHERS’ WAR BELOW!