What is a Pokémon God Pack & Are They Hard To Find?

Brian Cooper  By Brian Cooper | Published on February 15, 2024

Imagine opening a pack of Pokémon cards and finding that every single card is a shiny, ultra-rare gem. That’s exactly what a Pokémon God Pack is—except it’s not just a fantasy for some lucky collectors.

These special booster packs, which emerged in 2019, contain only holographic cards, making them a treasure trove for any Pokémon enthusiast. They’re exclusive to certain Japanese sets, adding an extra layer of rarity and excitement for international fans.

As a Pokémon collector, stumbling upon a God Pack can be a game-changing experience. The thrill of discovering a pack crammed with nothing but the highest rarity cards is unparalleled.

Although the chances are slim, the existence of God Packs creates a buzz in the community and keeps the hunt alive and thrilling. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of Pokémon cards and the joy of chasing after those elusive, shiny treasures.

Remember, the allure of a Pokémon God Pack isn’t just in its rarity but it’s also in the shared excitement it generates among fans and collectors. And maybe shared excitement is putting it mildly. It’s the most exhilarating thing that could happen when opening Trading Card Packs by FAR!

So when you’re thumbing through your next booster pack, just think…….the next card could be part of a whole pack of ultra-rares, a prospect that keeps the Pokémon card collecting community going back for more packs!

Understanding the Pokémon God Pack

When you explore the world of Pokémon card collecting, you’ll come across the term “God Pack.” These special packs are normally exclusive to Japanese sets (although that recently changed) and are renowned for their abundance of ultra rare cards.

Origins and Rarity

God Packs originated in 2019 and are a unique phenomenon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG). They are exclusive to Japanese cards, particularly notable in sets like Tag Team GX All Stars, Shiny Star V, Vmax Climax and Vstar Universe. 

There have been unofficial notifications that God packs have made there way into English packs lately, but nothing released by the Pokémon people confirming which sets they’ll be included in.

The Appeal of God Packs

Your enthusiasm for God Packs mainly stems from the allure of finding a whole pack of holo hits. Every card in these packs is high-rarity, featuring full art that extends across the entire card.

Organically pulling a God Pack from a booster box enhances the collecting and unboxing experience, as you can secure multiple ultra rare cards, such as those classified as “secret rares” or “full arts,” in a single instance.

While God Packs may remind some of products like the God packs from Magic: The Gathering Journey into Nyx, it’s important to understand that for Pokémon, these packs are rooted in Japanese card sets and are normally not available in past English versions, making them a coveted item for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The Pursuit of a Pokémon God Pack

If you’re aiming to enhance your Pokémon card collection, landing a Pokémon God Pack might just be one of the most exhilarating achievements. These packs, bursting with ultra-rare cards, can be a collector’s dream. Understanding the likelihood of discovering one and their presence on the market is crucial for your pursuit.

Chances of Pulling a God Pack

Pulling a Pokémon God Pack is exceptionally rare. In the case of specific Japanese sets—like Vmax Climax—the odds may be marginally better, yet finding accurate chances can be difficult.

From all of the reports we’ve seen, it’s suggested that 1 out of 600 booster packs might be a God Pack, but this figure isn’t officially confirmed by The Pokémon Company.


When purchasing Booster Boxes, which typically contain 30 packs, these odds imply that you might have a slightly better chance of encountering a God Pack when buying by the box instead of by the pack. However, it’s essential to manage expectations, as many collectors search for years without discovering one.

Pokémon God Packs in the Market

In the secondary market, platforms like eBay often list Pokémon God Packs, but those are just sellers offering you the chance to buy every card they found in the God pack they opened.

Since these are so rare and there is no way to tell if a pack is a God pack or not, never purchase a packs that someone says is a God pack. It’s impossible to know for sure and you should be vigilant about scams.

Comparison with Other Rare Packs

When comparing God Packs to other rare packs, such as the one we found in a MetaZoo Nightfall Booster Box (check that out below), the striking feature of a Pokémon God Pack is its consistency in delivering only ultra-rare cards.

God packs are just super rare and REALLY tough to find no matter if it’s MetaZoo or Pokémon or whatever else that comes along with such a loaded pack. 

The one thing is this. All God packs across any brand have similar things in common:

  1. They are very rare and super hard to find. While the Pokémon version is found in about 1 in 600 packs, the MetaZoo version is said to be 1 in 700 packs. 
  2. The cards in these God packs will vary, but will contain mostly ultra rare cards. The MetaZoo God pack was a mix of rarity levels, but all were foil versions. 
  3. They can now be found in any boxes worldwide. Although not advertised by the manufacturers, and once only found in Japanese versions of Pokémon packs, God packs are now found in English versions as well (starting with Pokémon 151.)

Wrap Up

Pokémon God Packs have transformed the landscape of Pokémon card collecting, offering a rare and exhilarating opportunity to obtain a pack filled exclusively with ultra-rare, holographic cards. Once only exclusive to Japanese sets but now finding their way into English versions, these packs have not only heightened the thrill of the hunt for collectors worldwide but have also underscored the enduring fascination with Pokémon TCG.

The pursuit of God Packs, despite their elusive odds, continues to fuel the community’s passion, keeping collectors engaged in the chase for these coveted treasures. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the scene, the allure of possibly unearthing a God Pack adds an unparalleled layer of excitement to the Pokémon card collecting experience.

May the Gods be forever in your favor….well, at least the God Packs!

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