Where is the Best Place to Buy MetaZoo Cards?

Brian Cooper  By Brian Cooper | Updated on January 30, 2024

Where is the Best Place to Buy MetaZoo cards?

So when it comes to buying MetaZoo products, there’s literally hundreds of places you can go. Many places are a super rip off and are just out to make a buck, some are there to sell tons of products at low prices and others specialize in TCG’s and will give you great service and a decent price.

So today I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to know about buying MetaZoo cards, online or at a local store.

We’ll talk about booster boxes and packs, single cards, theme decks, blister packs, Spellbooks, Release Event Decks, Gifts, and the plethora of different MetaZoo branded products that hit shelves in the past year or so. 

Price always matters when it comes to buying MetaZoo cards (especially MetaZoo rare cards which get pricey) so we’ll talk about the best place to get low prices and the difference between buying online and buying at local brick and mortar stores.

Most of this info on where to buy Metazoo products is geared towards the U.S. but we’ll talk about overseas as well towards the end.

Here we go!

MetaZoo Booster Boxes, Packs and Blister Packs

I get the urge to rip packs daily but I would be thrown out of my home if I spent as much as I would like to on MetaZoo packs. So two of the important things is to pace myself and make sure I’m not buying tons of boxes at one time and second, making sure I’m getting the best price.

Depending on if I’m wanting to buy newer sets or some of the older original sets, that will tell me the best place to go to buy them. So let’s dive into both recent and older MetaZoo packs and boxes and I’ll show you where to go.

MetaZoo UFO Booster Box

Recent MetaZoo Releases

The best place for recent MetaZoo releases is either your local game store or eBay. Depending on if you’re just looking for a few packs or sealed boxes, that will tell you the best place to go.

For something that just hit the store shelves in the past few weeks, you will most likely find packs for sale at your local game store (if they carry MetaZoo) or even possibly at Walmart. Either spot should get you what you’re looking for.

When it comes to eBay, I’ve mentioned a bunch of times that I stick with a few of my favorite stores that sell booster boxes at really good prices and that are 1-2 days shipping from my home.

One of my favorites is pfootballpete4dhx who sells MetaZoo Booster Boxes and just about anything new that comes out for Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon. They’re up in Connecticut and are about 2-days shipping time to get to my door. Great price, super fast shipping and they always have recent MetaZoo boxes for sale.

One other place I would always check as well is MetaZoo’s website, the MetaZoo Marketplace. Unlike their competition, MetaZoo actually sells new releases DIRECTLY TO THE PUBLIC on their Marketplace.

Their prices are closer to “normal retail”, which tends to be higher than other stores because of competition. So, don’t expect any super low prices directly from the company.

However, there is something to be said about getting your products from the maker and they have great customer service to boot. I’ve purchased a number of things directly from MetaZoo and I can say all of my experiences have been great so far.

Older MetaZoo Sets

Since MetaZoo hasn’t been around too long, most places online and even locally at your game store will have some of the older sets.  Finding MetaZoo Kickstarter Packs or even 1st Edition might be hit or miss, but most times you’ll see boxes for all of the older sets available. 

Besides your local game store (LGS), I always recommend trying places like CardKingdom.com or TCGPlayer when it comes to older sets. Both of these sites have been around for quite a while and have great reputations. Their customer service is top notch and you know that you’ll get the item you ordered and quickly.

eBay is also a great place for older sets, booster boxes and packs. I would only recommend buying from well established sellers and stores and ensure that their feedback ratings are up to par.

If you find someone selling MetaZoo 1st Edition Booster Boxes for $100 and they just signed up on eBay this month and have zero feedback, I would steer clear of them. Buy from established businesses and read the feedback to ensure you know who you’re buying from. There are some great sellers on eBay (like pfootballpete4dhx who I mentioned above) so most times you’ll find great deals from great people.

The Best Place to Buy Singles for MetaZoo

There are really two places that I routinely go to purchase MetaZoo singles and that is on eBay or TCGPlayer.  Both are great options and both are rolling the dice too.  Let me explain. 

When it comes to buying MetaZoo singles on eBay, the variety is always there. You can find just about any single you want as there are normally hundreds of sellers to choose from. The bad news is there are hundreds of sellers to choose from!

You again have to be careful that you’re buying singles from someone reputable.  They can be a collector as well, but make sure they at least have GOOD feedback if they don’t have a lot of it. 

Also, pictures are super important. I won’t buy MetaZoo singles unless there are clear pictures of front and back (and preferably a few more close ups.) Sometimes you buy something labeled “NRMT” only to find out there’s a scratch or a ding that didn’t show in the pictures. Be careful.

MetaZoo Cryptid Nation Kickstarter Singles

TCGPlayer is also a great place for recent and older singles, but many times you’re buying them sight unseen. You will certainly have sellers that upload pictures of the cards, but more often than not you’ll just see the grade and no pics.

I always try to filter the items by selecting “Listings with Photos” so I can see the card, but again many don’t upload pictures. From there (as you’ll see from my image below), I try to search for sellers that have Gold Stars, high numbers of transactions and feedback over 90-95%. 

How to buy MetaZoo on TCGPlayer

Outside of eBay and TCGPlayer, I would definitely check into CardKingdom and Troll and Toad. Both are super popular sites online for finding unopened boxes, packs and singles (old and new.)

Buying MetaZoo Theme Decks

If you’re looking for MetaZoo Theme Decks, I would suggest searching in the same places you would find Booster Boxes.

Although some sellers choose not to carry some of the other products in the set outside of Booster boxes and packs, some will carry everything from Boosters to Spellbooks to Theme Decks.

MetaZoo Booster Boxes and Theme Decks

I have four really good game stores near me and they’re all different.  The best one (which just so happens to be the furthest from my home) sells the entire lineup of MetaZoo products and singles.

One store won’t even carry MetaZoo at all so I rely on them for Magic only. And the other two stores mainly sell MetaZoo Booster boxes, singles and packs.  So If I want the Theme Decks locally, I have to go to that first store. 

If you don’t have any stores locally selling Theme Decks then I would definitely look online at the same group mentioned earlier including eBay, TCGPLayer and some others like CardKingdom and Troll and Toad.

All of these will have endless listings of MetaZoo products from Kickstarter through the newer sets like UFO and Seance. 

Other MetaZoo Merch

When you think of Magic: The Gathering, you think of cards. When you think of Pokemon, you think of cards. When you think of MetaZoo, you think cards, collectible pins, promos, holiday related special promo packs, skateboards, NFT’s, backpacks, playmats, playing cards and collaborations with popular influencers like Steve Aoki.

The MetaZoo brand is barely 2-years old and it has become this behemoth where the cards and the set ideas are just the beginning. The other merch you’ll find is just as popular and can be found in many different places.

So here are my recommendations for finding those other special MetaZoo merch items is to do the following:

1 – Stay in touch with MetaZoo on their Discord – sign up and become a member on the MetaZoo discord as you’ll be the first ones to hear about upcoming new merch releases. Sometimes you’ll find out WAY before anyone else if you pay attention to the special Q&A sessions by MetaZoo founder Mike Waddell!

2 – Continue checking the MetaZoo Marketplace – the site is constantly being updated with new items so check at least once every week to see if there are any new drops. They have a lot of great clothing items encompassing everything from Hoodies to Swimsuits! It’s not quite like a Supreme drop or anything, but you certainly have to check often or you’ll miss out on popular items. 

Buying MetaZoo Accessories

When it comes to accessories, there are literally hundreds of places you could visit depending on your needs. My favorites are listed below:

1 – Cardboard boxes, plastic 9-pocket sheets, binders, etc – My favorite place is my local game store. They usually buy these things in bulk and their prices tend to be very reasonable. I try to avoid places like Amazon for bulkier items like cardboard boxes as they tend to be extremely expensive due to shipping costs.

Also when it comes to Binders, the MetaZoo Marketplace puts out a new custom $30 binder when they release their sets and they’re REALLY nice so check them out too. The Nightfall Binder sold out on their website months ago and it’s now selling for $80-100 on eBay so get them while they’re available.

2 – Dice, Card Sleeves, Playmats etc – I like to find these locally but for the most part I buy these on Amazon. All of these items are fairly small and ship quickly and free if you’re a Prime Amazon member.

Also you’ll have a better variety on Amazon as they carry just about every color dice and card sleeve design you could possibly think of.  For MetaZoo branded card sleeves or playmats, you can find these either packaged in the MetaZoo Spellbooks or on the MetaZoo Marketplace.

What if You’re Not in the USA?

It’s always tough to buy products that are mainly sold and distributed in a certain country and finding MetaZoo abroad can certainly be difficult. The good news is that MetaZoo has made huge strides over the last year to ensure that their products are distributed not only in North America but throughout the world.

Just this past April, MetaZoo announced two new International Distributors were added to their list so the company is doing all they can to widen their distribution reach for sure.

If you check the MetaZoo Marketplace website, there’s a link at the top for STORE LOCATOR. If you search by your closest city, you’ll find stores listed throughout the world.

Most of the International stores are located in Canada, Australia and parts of the UK and Europe for now but the list will definitely be growing over the next year. There are also many websites that will ship internationally so check with the major ones online for best pricing.

You can also reach out to the distributors in your neck of the woods to see if they can direct you to retailers. Here’s the current list of most of world distributors for MetaZoo products and their websites:

1 – Canada – Universal Distribution – https://www.universaldist.com/home

2 – UK / Europe – Asmodee – https://corporate.asmodee.com/

3 – Australia & New Zealand – Let’s Play Games – https://letsplaygames.com.au/

Black Friday, Holiday and Cyber Monday MetaZoo Specials

Since we just went through the week of Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday, I can tell you that deals on MetaZoo products are mainly website or Local Game Store specific. My local game store reduced their Booster Box prices across the board on MetaZoo, Magic and Pokemon and the deals were about 10-20% cheaper than normal. 

Although Amazon doesn’t carry very much when it comes to MetaZoo, they do have some great deals on other Booster Boxes so it’s best to check their site during the holidays for updates. This is easily the best time to find cheap deals on MetaZoo cards and other collectible items so keep your eyes and ears open!


If you have any questions or would like some more advice about where to buy MetaZoo cards online or in your neck of the woods, I’m here to help. Just hit me up on the contact page or over at Twitter or Instagram. Best of luck and if you haven’t already, start investing in Magic (and other TCG’s) today!


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