MetaZoo Abruptly Shuts Down! Collector’s Gain, Investor’s Loss?

Brian Cooper  By Brian Cooper | Updated on January 31, 2024

The trading card world was taken by surprise when news broke out that MetaZoo Games, a once-promising player in the collectible card game industry, abruptly ceased operations on January 29, 2024. The closure marks a significant turn of events for a company that had quickly captured the imagination of collectors and gamers alike.

This article delves into the factors leading to the shutdown, the implications for the collectibility and investment in MetaZoo cards, and what the future may hold for this beloved brand.

Leadership Missteps: The Downfall of MetaZoo

At the center of MetaZoo’s downfall was CEO Mike Waddell, whose tenure was marred by a series of missteps that ultimately led to the company’s abrupt end.

Critics point to an overambitious product strategy, with too many releases saturating the market and diluting the brand’s exclusivity.

Compounding the issue were print run problems, with an overproduction of cards that exceeded demand, leading to a devaluation of the product. It started with the 50,000 booster boxes of Nightfall that was printed, then the 75,000 reported booster boxes of 2nd Edition Cryptid Nation on top of that. From there, Wilderness and UFO were also printed to oblivion and the market was flooded and ultimately tanked.

Additionally, there were claims that Waddell lost sight of the game’s core focus, prioritizing profit over the passionate community that had formed around MetaZoo. This is arguably the iceberg that sunk the once great MetaZoo ship as leadership lost sight of the most important thing…..the GAME.

MetaZoo Logo

The Potential for a MetaZoo Revival

Despite the current cessation of business, it’s premature to declare MetaZoo entirely dead. The brand, with its unique appeal and dedicated fan base, could attract interest in a bankruptcy or liquidation scenario.

There’s a possibility that a new entity could acquire MetaZoo and steer it back on course, focusing on the game’s original charm and potential for growth—this time, with a more sustainable approach.

Only time will tell if this is even a possibility, however I cannot see the MetaZoo intellectual property (IP) going up in smoke. There is value to this Cryptid world that Mr. Waddell came up with and its potential sale of the IP, the game and all of it’s rights might be his ticket to getting out of a potential debt situation. 

That being said, I think in due time we’ll see new ownership and a new direction for MetaZoo. But again, time will tell if anything like this materializes or if MetaZoo just plain dies.

MetaZoo Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition Booster Box and Case

The Dual Perspectives of Collectibility and Investment

From a collector’s and investor’s viewpoint, the shutdown has already influenced the market.

MetaZoo booster boxes like Nightfall, Cryptid Nation 1st and 2nd Edition, Wilderness, UFO and Seance, once fetching prices of $100 to $200, have seen their value plummet to the $30-60 range.

This decline reflects a broader trend of decreased confidence in the brand’s longevity. As players and collectors turn their attention to emerging games like Lorcana and Sorcery TCG, demand for MetaZoo cards may further diminish.

However, it’s unlikely that values will drop to zero. A niche market for MetaZoo will persist, driven by those who appreciate its unique attributes.

The Collector’s Perspective: A Buyer’s Market Ahead

As the market reacts to MetaZoo’s shutdown, we can anticipate a continued decline in card and booster box values as sellers attempt to liquidate their inventories.

This period of adjustment will likely see prices stabilize at lower levels until there’s clarity on the brand’s future. For collectors, this could ultimately turn into a buying opportunity of a lifetime with prices most likely never seen before.

For those who are true enthusiasts of MetaZoo’s world, the current situation presents a silver lining. With prices at a low, collectors can acquire cards and booster boxes at significant discounts, allowing them to enjoy the game without the pressure of maintaining investment value.

This could be an opportune moment to celebrate the artistry and creativity of MetaZoo, securing pieces of its legacy.

The Investment Perspective: Navigating Uncertain Waters

Investors who previously viewed MetaZoo cards as lucrative assets must now reassess their strategies.

For investors, this signals a time of CAUTION. The potential for short-term gains is overshadowed by the uncertainty of long-term value retention.

While it’s true that collectibles can sometimes gain value after a company’s closure due to their newfound rarity, the oversaturation of the market prior to the shutdown complicates this narrative.

It’s essential for investors to monitor the situation closely, stay informed about any developments regarding the brand’s future, and be prepared to act accordingly.

Looking Forward: The Path to Recovery

The hope for MetaZoo’s revival rests on the emergence of a new steward who can realign the brand with its core values and the community’s expectations. A successful relaunch would require addressing past overproduction issues, reinstating the game’s focus on quality and player engagement, and rebuilding trust with the community.

In the meantime, collectors and investors should approach MetaZoo with a blend of caution and optimism. The coming months will reveal whether this is the end of an era or the beginning of a new chapter for MetaZoo Games.

Regardless of the outcome, the story of MetaZoo serves as a cautionary tale about the delicate balance between commercial success and the preservation of a game’s heart and soul.

MetaZoo Cryptid Nation 1st Edition Booster Box

Is this the Conclusion of MetaZoo OR Just the End of a Chapter?

The abrupt shutdown of MetaZoo Games has sent ripples through the trading card community, affecting both the collectibility and investment potential of its products. While the future remains uncertain, the brand’s fate will hinge on the actions of potential buyers and the community’s enduring passion for the game.

For the MetaZoo Collector:

For now, collectors certainly have the chance to acquire pieces of a game they love at more affordable prices. The current climate may well represent a golden era for collectors which is welcome news.

Collectors might find joy in the community and shared experiences that MetaZoo offers as well. The game’s social value and the pleasure of collecting should not be underestimated, and these aspects can continue to thrive independently of the game’s commercial success.

The market is likely to become a haven for those who seek to own a piece of MetaZoo’s history without concern for its monetary value. The tangible elements of the game—the artwork, the lore, and the community—are aspects that can still be appreciated irrespective of financial considerations.

For the MetaZoo Investor:

For investors, the gamble is much more pronounced. The inherent risk in investing in a product from a company that has ceased operations cannot be overstated.

However, for the shrewd and the patient, there may be unique opportunities to acquire assets at low prices that could appreciate should MetaZoo experience a resurgence under new ownership.

The coming months will be telling, as they will be critical for those looking to either expand their collections or make strategic investment decisions.

MetaZoo UFO Booster Box

Final Thoughts

The tale of MetaZoo is one still being written and the company’s abrupt closure serves as a reminder of the fragility of the collectible market.

As the dust settles, the true value of MetaZoo—be it sentimental for collectors or financial for investors—will become clearer. For now, those who hold MetaZoo cards are reminded of an idea that is truly timeless: the value of collectibles is not just in their price, but in the enjoyment and community they foster.

Whether MetaZoo makes a triumphant return under new management or becomes a cherished memory of a game that once captured the hearts of many, its legacy will continue to be a topic of discussion and a point of learning for the trading card industry for years to come.

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