What Is The Cheapest MTG Booster Box?

Brian Cooper  By Brian Cooper | Updated on February 16, 2024

What is the cheapest Magic The Gathering Booster Box

MTG players and collectors often ask the question ‘what is the cheapest Magic: The Gathering Booster Box’ and my answer is that it changes every few months. Prices jump up and down after a Magic set is released and often you’ll see the same trajectory on box prices.

When a new MTG set is released by Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast, Booster Box prices will normally remain around the same price for weeks and/or months. During this time, if the set is a popular one, booster boxes start to get ripped open and supply starts to dwindle. If the set is unpopular, booster box inventories remain high and prices start to decrease. It’s simply supply and demand stuff.  

But yeah Brian, we get all that.  We want to know WHAT IS THE CHEAPEST MAGIC THE GATHERING BOOSTER BOX right now??  Ok, let’s dive into that now and I’ll tell you what I’m seeing in the market.

Cheap Box #1:  MTG Streets of New Capenna Draft Booster Box

Currently, one of the cheapest Magic booster boxes on the market is the Streets of New Capenna Draft Box.  Prices have been fluctuating lately between $75-80 and you can still find some sellers on eBay that are selling for this price. I’ve also seen a few sell for under $60 lately so if you’re in the right place at the right time, you could snag a deal!

Amazon has been pretty steady at around $90-95 for this particular box and that is still a pretty good deal. Most booster boxes are tough to find these days under $80 so if you can find them on eBay, it’s definitely one of the cheaper options. But for Amazon and Free Prime Shipping, anything under $100 is not a bad deal. Remember, these boxes hit the shelves at $110-125 not too long ago so prices are definitely cheap right now for New Capenna.

Cheap Box #2:  MTG Innistrad: Crimson Vow Draft Booster Box

If you’re into the vampire scene, the next cheap booster box will be the one you want. Draft boxes of MTG Crimson Vow are SUPER cheap these days hovering around the $79.95 to $89.95 price tag on Amazon. And that’s with FREE SHIPPING too!

This set is one of my favorites right now. I enjoyed the Dracula and horror theme of this set and I think over time it will age well.  I also like the fact that you’re getting 36-packs in a draft booster for this price PLUS a bonus Dracula Box Topper pack. Getting the box topper is always fun so I think that’s why this box is definitely worth looking into. 

Cheap Box #3: MTG Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Draft Booster Box

If you want a break from the traditional Magic set then the Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Draft box is definitely something you should look into. This set is more techno sci-fi and I think it’s another set that will end up aging well.

Kamigawa, which is a world where technology meets Magic, is the centerpiece of this set released in February 2022. There was a ton of excitement around this set when it came out and I think a flood of other sets ended up pushing Kamigawa to the side.  That was unfortunate as I think it’s a great set. 

For around $80-90, you’ll get a 36-pack draft booster box (no box topper though) and I think that’s an awesome price considering what the original prices were in February. Not to mention, there are at least (5) cards in the set that bring over $10 a piece including Jin-Gitaxias Progress Tyrant ($10), Otawara Soaring City ($10-11), Fable of the Mirror-Break ($15-17), The Wandering Emperor Planeswalker ($20-25) and the most sought after Boseiju Who Endures Legendary Land ($25-27.)

Cheap Box #4: MTG Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft Booster Box

If you’re into Werewolves and horror then the Innistrad Midnight Hunt Draft box is the one I would recommend. And at $90-100 per 36-pack box, it may not be the cheapest of the bunch but it’s darn close and worth a look.

So why do I like Innistrad: Midnight Hunt? Well, where else can you find one of the coolest cards to hit the market in some time with the absolute BEST name you could ever think of….The Meathook Massacre! What a great name for a Magic card and if you find this Mythic Rare card in a draft booster, it’s a $30-45 card and you just paid for about half the box price!

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft Booster packs are fun to open with double faced cards in every pack and a traditional foil card in one out of three packs. It doesn’t contain the best foil, extended art crazy cards in the world like a $200 Collectors Booster Box, but for this cheap of a price you can’t go wrong with the draft boosters.

I think over time this is another set that will grow in value. Outside of the soon-to-be legendary MEATHOOK MASSACRE, there are a handful of $7-10 cards in the set and at least (20) cards that are in the $2-5 range. Not to mention it’s a fun set all around and for the cheap price I definitely recommend it.

Cheap Box #5: MTG Kaldheim Draft Booster Box

This is one booster box that I’m surprised is still as low priced as it is. Kaldheim came out in February 2021 and I really think it got a raw deal. At this time, players and collectors were still enamored with Commander Legends that still had a huge following (thank you Jeweled Lotus!) and within a few months after Kaldheim release you had a slew of great sets come out including Time Spiral Remastered, Strixhaven and Modern Horizons 2. 

Poor Kaldheim….the red headed stepchild of early 2021 sat there and was soon forgotten.

Prices have continued to stay pretty low on Kaldheim Draft boxes and they’re currently around $110 on Amazon and $80-90 if you can find them on eBay. For a set that is now going on 2-years old, that’s amazing to me. 

There are a number of important cards in this set that you can find in the Draft Booster boxes. Those include Vorinclex Monstrous Raider ($35-38), Esika God of the Tree ($15-17), Goldspan Dragon ($14-16), Orvar the All-Form ($10-12) and Toski Bearer of Secrets ($8-10.)  The Vorinclex Monstrous Raider was hot from the beginning and it’s still holding strong at the over $30 price. That alone will drive prices up over time for this box.

But for now, it’s a great and forgotten set that will eventually get its due. Take advantage of the box prices now because I think in a few years, Kaldheim will once again awaken like a Goldspan Dragon!

So those are currently the cheapest Magic: The Gathering Booster Boxes at the time of this post. I’m sure over time things will change and adjust and we’ll update the site with a new post once the landscape changes again. For now, grab ‘em like they’re hot! But where can you find these deals?

Where to Find the Cheapest Magic The Gathering Booster Box

So there are a few places where I would look for cheap booster boxes and I’ll list them below. Remember to shop around as I’m finding box prices are way different depending on where you live. 


Usually the first place I look when it comes to Booster Boxes (or really ANYTHING these days) is Amazon. Not only is it super convenient to shop on Amazon and have them ship stuff to your front door, their prices tend to be fairly competitive especially for Magic The Gathering items.

I always mention this but our Amazon links above are affiliate links so we do get a small commission from Amazon for anything you might purchase once you click the link. It helps the website for sure and allows (I’m hoping) for us to grow and bring you better and better content. But I will say this. If you’re a Prime member, you can’t beat their free 2-day shipping and that definitely helps when it comes to buying Magic Booster Boxes. I’d look there first.


Another no brainer option is to check eBay, but I would make sure I’m only buying from a reliable seller.  I have a few sellers that I follow on eBay when it comes to Magic, MetaZoo and Pokemon unopened boxes and those are the ones I normally purchase from.  I chose them because they get decent inventories, have great feedback, are close enough to me that shipping is quick and their prices are always SUPER competitive. 

Search for sellers that have (or had) multiple boxes for sale. They’re normally online sellers with large stores or they might even be a brick and mortar local game store. Make sure they have good feedback and have been on eBay for a while. I know everyone starts somewhere, but if I’m going to spend $75-125 on a cheap Magic The Gathering Booster box or even $250 on an expensive Collector Booster Box, I want to make sure I’m buying from a reliable source. Do your homework (or just buy from Amazon.)

Local Game Store (LGS)

I push this one all the time. Support your local game stores if you can. Their prices might be a bit higher on some stuff, but they’re usually pretty competitive when it comes to box pricing.

Not all LGS’ are that way as some have higher overhead due to owning a store and having to pay rents, mortgages, salaries, etc. In those cases prices might be higher. But I would still suggest that you look at your LGS first and then decide if you want to purchase online if the deal is that much better.

Everything Else

There are so many other places you could try to shop for the cheapest Magic The Gathering Booster boxes and that includes Facebook Groups, online auction sites like Whatnot, Craigslist, local comic and card shows, and even big regional conventions. Those can be hit or miss but worth looking into. 

However, I like the convenience of Amazon, eBay and local game stores and I think for the most part, you’ll be able to find just about any booster box you might want (cheap or expensive) at one of these locations.

So there you have it. Keep checking back for updates as we’ll continue to update you as box prices fluctuate. As always, if you have any questions or would like some more advice about cheap Magic booster boxes, I’m here to help. Just hit me up on the contact page or over at Twitter or Instagram. Best of luck and if you haven’t already, start investing in Magic (and other TCG’s) today!

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