10 Magic Booster Boxes You Can Buy Right Now For UNDER $99

Brian Cooper  By Brian Cooper | Updated on January 9, 2024

Magic Booster Boxes Under $99

There are a lot of Magic Booster Boxes out there right now with price points all over the map. But it’s that sweet spot under $99 that we’re focusing on today.

It’s rare you find so many Magic Booster Boxes under $99. But, we have a list of at least 10 boxes that come under the century mark that are actually quite good!

So here’s what I did. I scoured the Internet to find the best deals and came up with some really good options here for under a hundred bucks. AND, all of these prices below are still effective as of early September 2023!

I’ll link a few of them to Amazon but just know that prices tend to fluctuate over there quite a bit. However, I would expect prices to be pretty darn close to what I’m showing below. Sometimes your best bet is just going to eBay. I buy there ALL the time and very rarely have an issue.

With that in mind, here are the (10) Magic Booster Boxes under $99

#1: Dominaria United Draft Booster Box – Price: $79-98

Dominaria United Draft Booster Box

Dominaria United is one of my favorite sets from the past year and I feel sort of bad that the price is so low right now. It’s better than the price is showing, that’s my opinion. It’s a big expansion set with legendary cards in every pack as well as stained glass legends, textured foils, Phyrexian cards, borderless planeswalkers and pain lands to name a few of the cards you can find in packs. 

For the money, you’re getting a 36-pack box that’s full of good stuff. And although I listed this at $98, there are places that are cheaper if you look really hard. I actually just picked one up on TCGPlayer tonight for $75 delivered (tax included) so there are deals to be had. But anything under $99 is still a smoking good deal. Heck, maybe you’ll even get lucky and find the $60+ Sheoldred, the Apocalypse!


#2: The Brothers War Draft Booster – Price: $96

The Brothers War Draft Booster Box

Coming up on it’s one year printing anniversary in November, it’s hard to believe The Brothers’ War has been out for so long. It feels like just yesterday, but that’s what happens when Hasbro’s printers are humming day and night!!

The good news is that The Brothers’ War 36-pack Draft Booster Boxes are still at their rock bottom prices. That’s good news for collectors and players. If you shop around, $96 is probably the most you’ll pay. I know you can find these for closer to the $80’s (tax and shipping included) if you hunt hard enough. 

If you’re lucky, your box will contain a Portal to Phyrexia ($25) or Cityscape Leveler ($23) as those are the two best cards in the regular set. I still like The Brothers’ War and it’s a great box to rip or save for a rainy day. Or do what I like to do…one pack a day!


#3: March of the Machine Set or Draft Booster – Price: $82-92

March of the Machine - Magic Booster Box Under $99

March of the Machine was another set that came in like a whirlwind and was quickly forgotten. Both of these boxes (Set or Draft Boosters) are decently priced right now in the high $80’s or low $90’s and picking which one you get is important.

If you want lots of cards, go with the Draft Booster which has (36) 15-card packs for a total of 540 cards. The Set Booster Box has (30) 12-card packs for a total of 360 cards. 

But if you want a chance at the best cards in the March of the Machine set, go with the Set Booster. I know you get less packs and cards overall, but each pack has a foil version card and 1-5 Rare or higher cards. Both the Draft and Set Booster packs contain 1 Multiverse Legend card in every pack which is great, but the Set Booster packs just have way better chances of the best cards in the set.

So it’s a quantity versus quality decision. I personally always prefer Set Booster Boxes because as a player AND collector I like to try and find the best cards. If you’re strictly wanting a bunch of new March of the Machine cards, the Draft version is the best Magic booster box under $99.

March of the Machine Sheoldred and Urabrask


#4: Streets of New Capenna Draft Booster – Price: $67-80

Streets of New Capenna Draft - Magic Booster Box Under $99

Although the cards in the Streets of New Capenna set are not super expensive and valuable, it truly is a great set for both players and collectors.

The LAND cards are the ones to find in this set. Jetmir’s Garden, Raffine’s Tower, Spara’s Headquarters, Xander’s Lounge and Ziatora’s Proving Ground are each worth $6-9 and are some of the best Rare cards you can find in Streets of New Capenna.

You’ll also find handfuls of awesome artifacts, instants, enchantments and Legendary Creatures and Planeswalkers to either add to your decks or make new ones.

This Draft Booster contains 36-packs (15 cards per pack) for a total of 540 cards. In these Draft Boosters you’ll find 1 Rare or Mythic in every pack, 1 Land card in every pack (1 out of 3 of those will be the Metropolis Full Art Land), and a foil card which hits about one in every 3-packs.

For the price, it’s worth every penny.


#5: D&D Adventures in Forgotten Realms Draft Booster Box – Price: $90

MTG Adventures in Forgotten Realms Draft - Magic Booster Box Under $99

This to me is your standard everyday Magic set with a no frills booster box to go with it. For the most part, everyone really likes Adventures in Forgotten Realms as a set even though it was slow to catch on. I think we all expected it to do way better than it did in the beginning, but I can see momentum building lately on the buy side.

The Draft Booster Box is your standard (36) 15-card pack variety with 1 Rare in each pack and foils showing up about 1 in every 3 packs. There’s a long shot af finding the Traditional foil Mythic Borderless Planeswalker but it’s like 1% of packs. Still, it’s a chance!

If you like Dungeons & Dragons, I still think this set is for you and has long term potential. Once the hordes of inventory dry up (which might take a little longer), this will be a great one to look back on. For now, buy them up at $90 (or less) and have fun looking for that $23 Old Gnawbone Legendary Dragon!

Old Gnawbone - MTG AFR


#6: Innistrad Crimson Vow Draft Booster – Price: $70-89

Crimson Vow Draft - Magic Booster Box Under $99

It’s almost Halloween and there’s no better way to celebrate than to rip some Horror themed Magic Booster packs! If you’re into Vampires, Worlocks, Werewolves and disgusting corrossive horrifying slugs, this is YOUR booster box!

If you’re a collector and you’re looking for a major return on your money, go elsewhere. If you you’re looking to rip some cool Magic packs and have a crap-ton of fun, this is the box. Even if you like collecting booster boxes (which I do myself), this is a great box for the booster shelf.

The theming in the Innistrad Crimson Vow set is unlike most other Magic sets which is why I like this booster box. You’ll have 36-packs of fun with Rares, Mythics, special Eternal Night Full-Art Lands, single and double sided cards and Foil versions of all cards sure to be found. Plus ever box comes with a foil Dracula Series box topper card as well!

Great box, great price and easily one of the better Magic booster boxes under $99. Shop around and find even better deals on Amazon, eBay and TCGPlayer.  


#7: Zendikar Rising Draft Booster – Price: $85

Zendikar Rising - Magic Draft Booster Box Under $99

We’re coming up on the 3-year anniversary of the release of Zendikar Rising and can you believe Draft Booster boxes are still this cheap? Unbelieveable. 

Zendikar Rising was one of my absolute favorite booster boxes to open. Not only did you have a load of good cards to collect and build decks with, you had that one single pack on top of boxes that held potentially a game-changing card for your collection…The “Expedition Land” box topper! 

Yep, every box has a box topper pack containing a single Zendikar Rising Expedition Land card out of the 30 different ones they printed. They range in value from a few dollars on up to $75 for an Ancient Tomb! Getting an Expedition Land alone is worth buying this booster box in my opinion. 


#8: Strixhaven School of Mages Set or Draft Booster Box – Price: $83-85

Strixhaven School of Mages - Magic Draft Booster Box Under $99

Much like March of the Machine above, Strixhaven School of Mages has two different booster box options that are priced pretty much the same. It comes down to whether you want the best cards from the Set Booster Box or MORE cards from the Draft Booster Box.

Again I always tend to lean Set Booster when it comes to buying boxes because they have the best cards. But if you’re drafting with friends and just looking for a night of playing Magic The Gathering then the Draft Booster Box is excellent as well.

This Strixhaven set is not very strong and honestly I would probably pick any other box on this list before buying Strixhaven. This is a personal opinion but I didn’t really like the set, nor was opening packs very exciting for me. Maybe I need to pick up a few at this price and give it another try because reviewers on Amazon absolutely LOVE this set. Maybe it’s just me!

The draw to this set is the Mystical Archive cards you’ll find in every pack of both Set and Draft boosters. The Mystical Archive cards are a subset of cards within Strixhaven and are extremely popular. Finding the $40 Demonic Tutor is the one you want to get!

As with the other boxes on this list, you can’t really go wrong with anything sub-$100. This one is worth a look for players and collectors for sure.


#9: Unfinity Draft Booster Box – Price: $80

Unfinity Draft - Magic Booster Box Under $99

If you’re looking to introduce someone to Magic in a fun way, then Unfinity is probably the box you want to buy. Unfinity is basically a Magic set designed with a touch of humor which makes it fun to draft and play.

This particular set is a combination of traditional Magic The Gathering, science fiction, the circus and weird animals. Yeah, it’s a little goofy and a bit Un-Magic like, but oddly it works pretty well.

If you want something that is not like any other Magic set you’ve ever collected, this is the one I would recommend. Just understand that there are very few valuable cards in the set and many of the Unfinity cards are not legal in certain formats. But if you’re just playing at home with friends and looking to draft and have a fun evening, Unfinity is awesome.


#10: Jumpstart 2020 – Price: $77

Jumpstart 2020 - Magic Booster Box Under $99

The Jumpstart products are unlike other booster boxes in that the pack format is different. Each Jumpstart 2020 booster box comes with 24-packs with 20-cards in each pack. Each pack is themed and the idea is to open two packs, combine them, add some lands and you have a playing deck.

I like Jumpstart a lot and have voiced my opinion about this product many times before. I just think it’s one of the best ways, especially for newbs, to play a fun game and make it different every time too. 

The cards in set are mostly reprints, but that’s definitely not a bad thing. Some of the best sets in Magic The Gathering are mostly reprints because Wizards/Hasbro do not normally reprint bad cards. There’s a lot of value in this set both from a playing standpoint and a dollar value. I’m a HUGE fan and I’m glad it’s still at such a low price that everyone can continue to enjoy it.


WOW! SO MANY Magic Booster Boxes Under $99 – Wrapping It Up!

So there you go! There are other cheap booster boxes out there but these are TEN of the best Magic Booster Boxes under $99 as of September 2023. Prices change all of the time so check out the links above and see if you can snag one, two…heck just grab one of each! I already bought 3 of them just writing this!!

One thing to note. Prices tend to fluctuate quite a bit so prices listed above are subject to change. Some of these might be 10-20% higher (or more), but they’re all still great boxes to keep or open.

If you have any questions or would like to give your feedback on the best boxes in this price range I’d love to hear from you. Contact link is at the bottom of the page.

All for now. Make sure you stop by again and don’t forget, continue to invest and collect Magic cards! See ya back here soon.

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