Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box – Is Now The Time To Buy?

Brian Cooper  By Brian Cooper | Updated on January 8, 2024

If you’re looking to invest in a Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box, you’re definitely not alone. Deals abound online and prices are still super reasonable which is good news. But the big question is whether now is the RIGHT time to invest in Zendikar Rising? Let’s take a look and find out.

Released back on September 25, 2020, Zendikar Rising was definitely highly anticipated. Collectors and players alike really liked the original Zendikar and everyone was chomping at the bit to get their hands on the new Zendikar Rising back in late 2020.

Not to mention, it had been at least 5-months since the last expansion set was released (Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths) and collectors had their fill of Double Masters (Aug 7, 2020), Core Set 2021 (July 3, 2020) and Jumpstart (July 17, 2020) by this time. Needless to say, everyone couldn’t wait for Zendikar Rising and the set definitely didn’t disappoint for sure.

What Makes The Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box So Popular?

Zendikar Rising was released in different types of booster boxes (as most Magic sets are), but the Set Booster Box was (and still is) very affordable and the most popular box to find the best cards in the set.

Zendikar Rising Set Booster Boxes contain 30-packs with each pack containing 12-cards, 1 art card and one token or special card from Magic’s history. Of those 12-cards, 1 will be a full-art basic land and you’ll get at least 1 rare and 1 foil in every pack.

Sealed Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box

So in a full box, you’ll receive 360 regular cards plus the art cards and tokens. And although there are fewer packs in the Set Booster Box versus the Draft Booster Box (which contains 36-packs and 15-cards per pack), Wizards of the Coast really makes the Set Booster Boxes extra special by packing them up with the best cards.

And how about special cards?

Yep, these Set Booster Boxes are loaded with them as you’ll have better chances at extra Rare cards and 1:4 packs contain a card from “The List” which were 300-cards hand picked by Wizards and curated from Magic History!

Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box BONUS BOX TOPPER!

And did we mention the very special BOX TOPPERS? Zendikar Rising Set Booster Boxes have what is considered the BEST box topper cards in all of Magic The Gathering. Each box comes with an “Expedition Land” box topper which is a highly sought after land card with alternate art and a special frame inspired by the sky dungeons of Zendikar.

The Expedition Land box topper values have held strong and could be worth half or more of the cost of the set booster box! I counted (11) Expedition lands that are worth anywhere from $30 on up to $75 alone!

Zendikar Rising Expedition Lands Box Topper

Is The Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box Worth Buying?

At Magic Card Investor we keep track of Magic Booster Box prices for just about every box ever made by Wizards of the Coast. Trust me, it takes a lot of work, but the information we receive from eBay sales is invaluable and points out trends helps us determine whether certain boxes are worth buying or not.

As you’ll see below, the Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box has been selling fairly well around the average price of $100-125 for some time now. Prices are always fluctuating based on the market conditions but this is about the average you can expect to pay (shipping included.)

Sealed Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box Close Up

I think long term, a sealed (unopened) Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box is a pretty good investment. I really think the Expedition Land box topper will help boost prices over time, even though I think the set itself is a strong one.

Annual price increases are normally in the 5-10% range with percentage increases getting higher the older the booster box. So based on that, you might expect prices to increase by 5-10% annually for the next few years but 10-20 years from now that percentage may increase when boxes are more scarce.

Check out the chart below that I made that will show you current prices:

Where To Buy Zendikar Rising Set Booster Boxes

The three places online that I always recommend that everyone uses to buy Magic booster boxes are Amazon, TCG Player and eBay. All of these popular sites have the best pricing you’ll find anywhere outside of your local game store (LGS.)


If you’re an Amazon Prime Member like myself, the Free 2-day shipping is what sets Amazon apart from the rest when it comes to buying Magic The Gathering Booster Boxes. Amazon is definitely the first place I would check for Zendikar Rising Set Booster Boxes, especially if you’re a Prime member.

Sealed Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box Back


TCG Player is probably the one place online you can find just about everything related to Magic: The Gathering, as Trading Card Games are their specialty. Zendikar Rising Set Booster Boxes are easy to find on their website and are priced right in line with most other online stores.

The environment is very much like eBay in that you’ll be purchasing from TCG Player sellers who use the system to list their singles and boxes. Make sure you find a reputable seller who has a good history selling on this platform as that will make your experience much smoother.


If you have an account with eBay and are comfortable buying on their platform, it’s definitely worth a look to find Zendikar Rising Set Booster Boxes. As I’ve mentioned before in other posts, there are a few eBay stores that I frequently buy from because those particular sellers are all within 1-2 days shipping from my home and they always ship promptly.

These sellers also have awesome customer service, great feedback from thousands of transactions and easily the cheapest prices you’ll find anywhere. Hit me up in the comments or contact page if you want some personal recommendations!

There you have it! If you have any questions about Zendikar Rising or any other Booster Boxes, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via the contact button at the bottom of the page. Take care and as always, Keep Investing in Magic!

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