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MTG Dominaria Remastered Ultimate Product Guide

I cannot believe we’re almost in 2023 and the start of a brand new Magic: The Gathering year. And, everything will start off with a huge bang on January 13, 2022 when Wizards of the Coast releases the highly anticipated MTG Dominaria Remastered!

As I try to do with all sets, I wanted to give everyone a quick breakdown of the different products for this awesome adventure back to Dominaria!  There’s quite a bit to break down including what will be a host of cards from 27 sets that took place on Dominaria over the years. What a great way to kick off 2023!

Because Dominaria Remastered is a special limited print run set, the list of products is also limited to only two different boxes:

So let’s break them down a bit so you understand what comes in each of these items and that will hopefully help you make a decision on which one fits your wants and needs.  All of these have links to where you can get these items shipped directly to your home.

I encourage you to support your local game store (LGS) first, but know that you can get them on Amazon very easily and at competitive prices too. We make a little bit of commission on every Amazon sale so for those of you using our links, we really appreciate your support as that helps the website tremendously.

That being said, let’s jump into Dominaria Remastered and talk about the set, what you’ll get in each box, and my outlook on how the set will do in the market.

Dominaria Remastered – About The Set 

If you’re a fan of the old Magic sets, there’s going to be something in Dominaria Remastered for you. As mentioned above, this set will include reprinted cards from 27 vintage Magic sets from the following list:

Alpha (1993)Urza's Saga (1998)Judgment (2002)
Antiquities (1994)Urza's Legacy (1999)Onslaught (2002)
Legends (1994)Urza's Destiny (1999)Legions (2003)
The Dark (1994)Prophecy (2000)Scourge (2003)
Fallen Empires (1994)Invasion (2000)Coldsnap (2006)
Ice Age (1995)Planeshift (2001)Time Spiral (2006)
Alliances (1996)Apocalypse (2001)Planar Chaos (2007)
Mirage (1996)Odyssey (2001)Future Sight (2007)
Visions (1997)Torment (2002)Dominaria (2018)

The set will total 261 REGULAR cards that are broken down as follows:

As WotC always does, there will be premium versions of all of these cards randomly inserted throughout the packs. 

Beyond the regular cards, you’ll also find the following:

Some notable cards that I’m excited to see in Dominaria Remastered are:

Dominaria Remastered Maze of IthMAZE OF ITH - This one could possibly draw more attention to one of my favorite vintage sets from 1994 that I still believe is amazingly undervalued….The Dark! The Maze of Ith is one of the top 10 cards in that set and still quite popular among both collectors and players. Here's a chance to get a cool reprint of the desirable card.
Dominaria Remastered Mishra's FactoryMISHRA'S FACTORY - Yep, this Antiquities (1994) favorite is back with awesome new artwork. I'm a sucker for the old land cards from that era and this one is definitely a favorite. Can't wait to find this one in Dominaria Remastered. 
Dominaria Remastered Sylvan LibrarySYLVAN LIBRARY - Another past reprinted card from the awesome original 1994 Legends set is back. The artwork on this new version of the Sylvan Library looks great and I expect this to be a highly sought after Mythic Rare in Dominaria Remastered.
Dominaria Remastered Birds of ParadiseBIRDS OF PARADISE - I know this one has been reprinted a few times, but you can't help but be happy to see this classic original Alpha card in a very sharp take on the original artwork. This will be a rare card I'll rip pack after pack to find for sure!
Dominaria Remastered Shivan DragonSHIVAN DRAGON - Probably my favorite cards ever made in Magic. I can remember those days in 1994 and 1995 ripping packs and hoping to pull this gem. I know there are a lot of way better cards, but a properly built deck surrounding the Shivan is deadly! Can't wait for this one too.
Dominaria Remastered Vampiric TutorVAMPIRIC TUTOR - The crazy instant is back with a vengeance and it will be a card everyone is looking for. The skull is back and it's a Mythic Rare to boot!
Dominaria Remastered Royal Assassin
ROYAL ASSASSIN - Another one of my favorites from back in the day. TAP....TARGET CREATURE DESTROYED!  Love this card and the new artwork is pretty freakin' awesome too. It's only a rare but I want a bunch of them.
Dominaria Remastered Time StretchTIME STRETCH - Want a few extra turns?  Find this Mythic Rare and put it in your blue deck and you just might get them. Freaky artwork makes this one another card everyone will want.
Dominaria Remastered Force of WillFORCE OF WILL - Can you believe this one is back too? My God look at this list of reprints. Dominaria Remastered is LOADED. A Force of Will???? Get ready for crazy prices on this Mythic Rare too!
Dominaria Remastered Wrath of GodWRATH OF GOD - If you're gonna give Black decks a Royal Assassin, you've gotta give White decks the Wrath! A cheap way to clear the field and destroy all creatures is exactly what you'll need. Another awesome vintage Alpha rare is back!
Dominaria Remastered Test of EnduranceTEST OF ENDURANCE - A very interesting card from Judgment (2002) has made it's reappearance and it should be interesting what newer players think of this one. If you can come up with a life building deck, this card will be the one you want for sure.

This is only a small fraction of what this set holds for players and collectors. I can’t wait to rip some Dominaria Remastered as I don’t think there will be a bad pack at all!

Dominaria Remastered DRAFT Booster Boxes

For anyone looking to rip packs and draft decks, the Draft Booster Box is always the box we recommend.  Every MTG Dominaria Remastered DRAFT Booster Box contains the following:

If you like to just rip packs (and who doesn’t) or if you’re into drafting decks with your friends, the Draft Booster Box will be your best and most cost effective choice. I’m expecting box prices to be quite hefty since this is a REMASTERED limited print run set. 

Dominaria Remastered Unopened Draft Booster Box

Right now preorders are all over the place, selling anywhere from $189 to $280 per box. Most of those presells are on eBay and even some local game stores. 

If everyone loves the set and supply is low, expect prices to creep up over time. But in the beginning there should be ample supply to have prices remain in the lower end of the range.

Dominaria Remastered COLLECTOR Booster Boxes

MTG Dominaria Remastered Collector Booster Boxes will be very expensive as they normally are, but my guess is they’ll be loaded! Considering all of the vintage reprints we’re going to see in this set, finding the highly sought after foil versions of the borderless and retro framed cards will keep prices high.

Dominaria Remastered Collector Booster Box

Collector Booster Boxes are the ‘cream of the crop’ when it comes to Magic cards and although you do not get many packs, the ones you do get are absolutely LOADED with good cards.  Here’s what a typical Collector Booster Box has inside:

Boxes will retail for approximately $295-$370 when they first hit the shelves. Again, as with the other booster boxes, the prices will most likely remain around this price range for a period of time until inventories get scoffed up. Then the sky’s the limit!

Dominaria Remastered Expected Value

With the set just recently released, we’re still pending more information to determine the Expected Value (EV) of a Dominaria Remastered Draft Booster Box. Everything we’ve seen so far indicates the EV will fall right about in-line (on average) with the current box prices.

However, that could change based on how the market reacts to pricing of the singles. That is fluctuating wildly now and over the next few weeks prices will settle down and firm up. At that point we can revisit the EV numbers and see how that looks compared to box prices (which are still hovering aroung the $160-180 mark as of late January 2023.)

Wrap Up

Keep a close eye on Dominaria Remastered boxes as prices will definitely fluctuate wildly the first few weeks after release. If I had to guess, WotC will want to build the excitement for the year right out of the gate for their line of Magic sets and this is the perfect product to do that.

How do they build that excitement?  They issue a limited print run set that is LOADED from top to bottom. And on top of that, my guess is they will really limit production and use this product to get the confidence back from their fan base after the Magic 30th Anniversary debacle

Dominaria Remastered Collector Booster Pack

There’s no way they will unleash the printers on this product after everything that happened in the past month with the Magic 30th Anniversary product.  Too many players and collectors feel cheated and that Hasbro may have taken advantage of the situation and I think the olive branch will be DOMINARIA REMASTERED.  

That being said, if you can find these boxes or even your favorite singles on the low end, grab ‘em.  I think long term this ends up being a great set and one we’ll look back on as one of the best.

There you have it! If you have any questions about Dominaria Remastered, please send me a message and I’ll get back to you and maybe even post an update right here. Take care.

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